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New ‘BroadHead Protector’ For Archers From

August 17, 2011

(2-HUNTERS.COM PRESS RELEASE) — the company and Web site — were created to provide avid hunters like us a place to purchase new and inventive hunting gear and accessories at a fair price. At 2-Hunters.Com we will continue to find, invent and produce products made only in the United States that every hunter needs to make hunting safe, easier and more enjoyable.

The new Fixed Blade BroadHead Protector comes in a package of six, are easy to install and can be used while broadheads are installed on arrows; to protect bow-strings from nicks and cuts while transporting arrows in your bow-case.

The protectors will not come off during transport. The protector can also be used as a broadhead wrench to safely install, remove and store your broadheads while keeping them sharp and protecting them and all of your other archery equipment from damage while in your gear box.


If It’s A Pink Year, It’s Time To Stock Up On Peterson Pucks

August 10, 2011

Peterson Manufacturing Company was founded with their first patented product, the Lumber Crayon Holder. They are currently located in Longview, Wash., and since 1924 have been manufacturing quality wood products and continually striving to make things simpler and less expensive for consumers.

And now with their newest product, the Peterson Smoker Pucks, they have done it again. They are able to bring to you a 100-percent wood product that can be used in nearly any type of smoker or grill for adding a wood flavor at a lower cost than any other smoke fuel.

Not only is the cost of this product unrivaled and its ease of use astounding, it is also a byproduct of kiln-dried wood used in manufacturing and contains no binders or release agents, which makes it the cleanest smoking product on the market. These factors give birth to product of significant value.

With the Peterson Pucks, anyone operating a smoker can load up a typical chip pan with up to six pucks (though three or four is usually all that is needed) and never have to change the pan to add more smoke. The pucks will transfer heat to one another, so for longer lasting smoke, stack them two deep.

On a barbecue, be it gas, propane or charcoal, one Peterson Smoker Puck can add a wood smoke flavor by being placed directly on the grate, in a smoker box, in tin foil or a tuna can near the flame. Peterson Pucks can also be used in lieu of charcoal as your primary cooking fuel.

Peterson Smoker Pucks are also able to self-sustain. This makes cold smoking possible by turning off your heat source once the pucks are emitting a good amount of smoke.

You can visit Peterson Smoker Pucks Web site at to find a list of their dealers and more about this product.

New Name For Clarkston Boat Maker

August 2, 2011


Northwest Jet Boats, owned and operated by Renaissance Marine Group, Inc., has completed a name and logo change. The new name, Northwest Boats, was adopted to better align the brand’s current model line up and changing perceptions within the heavy gauge aluminum boat industry.  “70% of current models produced are traditional outboard motor styles,” says President and COO Jerry Wooley, “It continued to surprise us how many customers mistakenly believed we only manufactured true “jet” boats.”

Today, the Northwest Boats line includes the Freedom, SeaStar, and Lightning outboard models and Freedom, Northstar, Lightning and Signature inboard jet models.  The diversity of the Northwest Boats line truly offers an exceptionally designed model for everything from fishing to wakeboarding to navigating whitewater rapids.  While each has its unique set of features and benefits, every Northwest Boats model shares the impeccable quality and finish details Northwest Boats has built its solid reputation around. The roots of Northwest Boats date back nearly 25 years when the company made huge waves with supremely capable inboard jet models that quickly became a mainstay on rugged Snake River in Hells Canyon.

To promote the changeover to Northwest Boats as fluidly as possible, Renaissance Marine Group designed a new logo and launched a print and internet ad campaign to spread the word among consumers. Print ads will begin running in Salmon Trout Steelheader, Northwest Sportsman, and Salmon Steelhead Journal in August and continue into the fall. The Northwest Boats website, features the new identity prominently. All previous domain names, including will continue to function and redirect web traffic to the new site.


“We’re confident the boating market will respond very favorable to the new look and name.” say Marketing Director, Bruce Larson. “Our primary goal is to make certain dealers and consumers recognize that only the name has changed. The design, manufacturing process, and performance attributes of these premiere aluminum boats has not, and will not, change.”

Renaissance Marine Group, Inc., founded in 2000, is the parent company and manufacturer of Duckworth and Weldcraft brands of heavy gauge welded aluminum boats from 17’ to 30’ that are sold through a network of over forty independent marine dealers primarily in the Western U.S. and Canada. Renaissance Marine Group, Inc., acquired Northwest Boats from its original founder, Larry Whitten, in early 2010 and currently manufactures all models in its Clarkston, Washington headquarters.

Ruger Wins Handgun, Rifle Of Year Awards

August 2, 2011

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the Ruger® LC9™ has been named the 2011 Handgun of the Year by the Shooting Industry Academy of Excellence. Ruger has received this honor four years in a row – an unprecedented accomplishment in the firearms industry. Ruger also received the “Rifle of the Year” award for the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, a second testament to the innovative design work at Ruger.


“The industry has once again recognized Ruger for the high-quality, innovative product designs that we have produced in direct response to our Voice of the Customer program,” said President and CEO Mike Fifer. “Our top priority is to make the products our customers are asking for, and the LC9 and Gunsite Scout Rifle were designed on this premise. The fact that we have now won the Handgun of the Year award four consecutive years, and a record setting seven times total, demonstrates our transition to the leading American handgun manufacturer,” Fifer concluded.

“We could not be more pleased to have two of our firearms receive product of the year recognition,” said Vice President of Sales & Marketing Chris Killoy. “The Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle was created in conjunction with world-class training center Gunsite Academy and has proven to be a credible and affordable rendition of Col. Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle concept. We want to thank our retailers and other industry partners for this tremendous recognition.”

Ruger is especially honored that the Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle received this special recognition as this was the final firearm designed by Roy Melcher, one of the most prolific and talented designers the firearms industry has ever known. Over the years, Roy had made significant contributions to the Ruger product line, providing design guidance on the Mini-14®, Redhawk®, GP100®, 77/22®, M77® MKII, and P85®. Roy lost his battle with cancer in December 2010 and is greatly missed by his friends at Ruger and across the industry. Recognizing his final contribution to the firearms community with the “Rifle of the Year” award is a fitting tribute to a great designer.


The awards were presented during the 9th Annual Shooting Industry Masters on July 22-23, 2011 at the Rockcastle Shooting Center, Park Mammoth Resort in Park City, KY. The Academy, a 500-member group consisting of manufacturers, editors, writers, distributors and retailers from within the shooting industry, votes to honor outstanding achievements in product design and service to the industry.

For more information on the Ruger LC9 and Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle, along with the extensive line of award-winning pistols, rifles, revolvers and shotguns, visit or

NWS Writer Added To Mack’s Lure Co. Pro Staff

July 14, 2011


Wenatchee, WA. –Mack’s Lure Company, well known for its fishing products such as the Wedding Ring, announced the addition of “Uncle Wes” Malmberg to their Pro-Staff Team.

Wes is a well-known, and very popular, trout angling columnist with Northwest Sportsman Magazine, Outdoors Northwest, and WashingtonLakes.Com. He has specialized in trout angling at Western Washington lakes for the past decade.


His unique style, “Blue Collar Fly Fishing” as he likes to call it, is trolling a fly on full sink fly line and his success with that tactic has earned him the nickname “The Troutist.” He is currently field testing with dramatic success, and informing Northwest trout anglers about Mack’s new product, the Smile Blade® Fly.

“Wes and his enthusiasm for helping fellow anglers make for a great addition to our team,” says Mack’s Lure’s General Manager, Bob Schmidt.

“I am very honored and proud to be a part of the Mack’s family. I look forward to helping other trout anglers in the Northwest and abroad to enjoy the same success I do,” said Wes.

Wes is a member of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association and soon to be a member of the Outdoor Writers Association of America. His new book, “Blue Collar Fly Fishing,” will be released by Wilderness Adventure Press in March 2012. He is currently working on a series of Washington trout angling DVD’s due to hit the shelves in late 2011 or early 2012.

Pautzke Adds ‘Fuel’ To Region’s Crabbing, Shrimping Fire

July 14, 2011


The worldwide leader in baits for over 75 years thanks to our world-famous “Balls O’ Fire” salmon eggs, Pacific Northwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co. now continues the family tradition of providing the finest baits and attractants to anglers around the world with the most effective additive ever developed for crab and shimp bait: Crab and Shrimp Fuel.


It’s a well-known fact that the oils and amino acids from salmon eggs are among the best shrimp and crab baits in the world, and Crab and Shrimp Fuel starts out with a foundation that only Pautzke can create: the essence of our Balls O’ Fire eggs.

This foundation is boosted with Dad Pautzke’s proprietary mix of scents and feeding stimulators that attract crab and shrimp from a wider geographic area than regular baits.

Crab and Shrimp Fuel is simple to use and deadly effective for all species of crab and shrimp!

Looprope, Revolutionary Fastening System, Makes Tie Downs For Hunters Easy As 1, 2, 3

July 13, 2011


MEDFORD, Ore.–After considerable use of pickups, I have come to the conclusion that they are designed specifically for hunters. Next time you see one take a closer look for yourself. Sure, they are good for carrying golf clubs, baseball gear, pet carriers, potted plants and (yuck!) lawn mowers, but no other piece of equipment designed by man is better suited for toting ice chests, foot lockers, barbeque grills, propane bottles, game feeders, chainsaws, gun cases, deer blinds, tents, inflatable boats  and the list goes on and on.


Like a lot of things, however, not all pickups have tie downs. But now there is a knot-free tie down system that never tangles, is safer than bungee cords and linkable so you can build custom cargo nets when you need them, where you need them and whatever size you need them. It’s called LoopRope.  Constructed of doubled up ¼” heavy duty shock cord, it’s safe and easy to use.

How does it work? First loop the end around a fixed tie point and pull the whole rope through the first loop. Next choose any loop to hold corners, edges or handles for the perfect tension. Then clip to fixed tie point or loop through tie point and tighten by clipping to any other loop. Whala! Loop, clip and go.

The LoopRope comes in 3-, 4-, and 5-foot lengths with 2 stainless steel clips in each package. One 5 foot LoopRope gives you 10 custom tie down lengths and over 18 attachment points.  Use it everywhere; it’s secure, fast and easy.  Users are discovering many different ways to secure items, check out the video examples on their websit,

Upgrade To FishHead App Now Available

June 30, 2011


Nervous Water Apps introduces the FishHead 1.1 update to the very popular iPhone and iPod touch App.

FishHead is the ultimate on the water and planning fishing application.

Track Weather, Stream Flows, Tides and Lunar tables all from the palm of your hand.  FishHead organizes the information by location so that you see all of the pertinent fishing data to make on the water decisions.   It’s also equally effective at your home or at work.  Track the flows of your favorite stream.  Plan your trip around the best tides and look at the latest weather forecasts.  This app is designed for both the fresh water and saltwater anglers in mind.

The App has an advanced search engine which allows you to track your current location with the GPS chip in the iPhone or iPod touch; it will tell you the closest streams or tide stations.  Once your tide or river station has been selected it will align that information with the nearest weather station.  In your favorites view you can now view weather, tide or river flows and the lunar table.  If a weather station is down or providing inaccurate data it will automatically find the nearest station that is providing accurate data.  You can also search by current location, station name, city or zip code.

The favorites view gives you a snap shot of all of the pertinent weather, tide/river and lunar information all displayed on one view.  Each of the different categories can be viewed in greater detail by clicking the detail view which will now give you tide and river graphs and forecasts for weather and future and past tides events. Turn the phone for a horizontal view and the graph appears showing either the tide chart or river chart. Like many other iPhone Apps you can swipe from one favorite to the next.

While there are many other Apps that have weather, tides, and river flows.  There is nothing out there that compiles ALL of the relevant fishing information and organizes it for quick and easy detailed info.


FishHead 1.1 Update new features and improvements:

    Improved interface which both more appealing to the eye and easier to use.
The Tide data is now global, so now saltwater and estuary anglers worldwide can now experience FishHead!!
Major performance enhancement for quicker downloads of information.
Added Map features to the favorite locations.
Added many missing river stations.
Added Buoy data for both coastal rivers and tides.  This Buoy data gives wave height and frequency information, water temps, wind speeds and current data when available.
Added hourly weather information including wind, precipitation, and temperature Graphs.
Added user interaction to the Tide Graph in the form of a slider.
Added Map quick navigation to favorites.

Fish Head is available on the iTunes Apps store for $6.99.

You can learn more at

For more information you can contact:

With Tuna Season Ahead, Exciting Changes To OTC Format

June 14, 2011


Editor’s note: Live bait fishing for albacore will be a feature article in the upcoming July issue of Northwest Sportsman magazine.

It’s been a quiet winter for Northwest tuna fanatics, but that’s all about to change in the next few

July 4th is the traditional kickoff for when tuna show up off the Oregon and Washington coast but don’t tell that to the “Tuna-holics” hanging out on the Salty Dogs chat forum on because I can assure you if the water warms up a tad bit a few folks will be sneaking offshore to try and land the first albacore of the season. Some publicize their intent while others just quietly sneak out of the harbor and hope to get into the longfins then radio in their “hooked up.”

Ah, the words we love to hear.

Jim Pex, Port Coordinator for Charleston/Coos Bay, and I were in Eugene in April to proudly accept the Outstanding Oregon Tourism Volunteer Awards at the annual Oregon Governors Conference on Tourism. Say what..That’s right a tourism award. We have been so focused on putting on tournaments that benefit the hungry that we didn’t realize one of the side benefits of bringing 60-80 teams into these coastal communities was the economic impact we were having. We knew we were drawing teams from far away as Montana, Nevada, California, Washington and even Samoa one year.

Community leaders in these coastal towns have been taking notice and have told us the economic impact of bringing our teams, support staff, volunteers and spectators is pumping $250,000-$300,000 into their communities at each event and when you multiply that times four, well, you do the math.

Plans are being finalized for the 2011 Oregon Tuna Classic season and just when you think it can’t get any better we’ve added some exciting new changes. Have you ever watched a FLW or Bass Masters weigh-in? They do it in front of a large crowd which is exactly what is going to happen this year with the OTC weigh-in. The teams will tag and offload their tuna into totes of ice, the fish will then be weighed on the stage in the big tent while everyone is having dinner, and at the season finale in Garibaldi we will have some special entertainment to ratchet things up even more.

Last year the OTC events were designated as qualifying events by the IGFA for the IGFA Offshore World Championships and they will continue to be classified by the IGFA again this year.

Additionally, this season local radio stations in each coastal community will be a conducting a contest for locals to go to the OTC website and cast their ballot for the new name of the tournament held in their community in 2012. The Oregon Tuna Classic will be the parent organization but each event will have its own name and identity going forward.

Local artists from those areas will compete to design the poster for the 2012 event in their community. Participants have ask us for more ways to win so we have something fun and exciting for those teams that like to pre-fish on Fridays. “Big Fish Fridays”…a side pot with a 100% payout.

The Emmy-nominated new show “The Joy of Fishing,” which came out on Fox Sports last fall, will be back to film another show at one of the events.

As you can see we’ve been busy planning this winter and it won’t be long now before the 2011 season will be off and rolling. Last year we jumped from 1,400 participants in 2009 to slightly over 2,000 participants in 2011. We plan to carry that momentum into this season for another great year.

If you’re a sponsor we thank you for your support, if you’re a participant we look forward to seeing you at the events, if you are a volunteer we are so appreciative of your help and if your someone who hasn’t witnessed the contagious energy of 650 people inside the big tent then you’re missing out and we welcome you to join us.

Tight Lines
Del Stephens
OTC Chairman

2011 Tuna Tourneys
Oregon Tuna Classic

Newport/Depoe Bay: July 23
Ilwaco: Aug. 6
Charleston: Aug. 20
Garibaldi: Sept. 3

Washington Tuna Classic

Westport: Aug. 27

Be Whale Wise, NMFS Tells Sound Boaters

June 13, 2011


NOAA’s Fisheries Service issued new rules on vessel traffic, aimed at protecting Southern Resident killer whales in Washington’s Puget Sound. These charismatic marine mammals, popular with tourists, whale-watch operators and the general public, were added to the Endangered Species list in late 2005.

The Southern Resident population peaked at 97 animals in the 1990s, and then declined to 79 in 2001. It has seen slow growth since then, and now stands at an estimated 86 killer whales, about half of which are sexually mature. Scientists have identified the major threats facing the population as a shortage of its preferred prey of Chinook salmon, disturbance from vessels, and water pollution.

The new rules prohibit vessels from approaching any killer whale closer than 200 yards and forbid vessels from intercepting a whale or positioning the vessel in its path. This doubles the current approach distance of 100 yards. The rules went into effect May 16 and apply to all types of boats, including motor boats, sail boats and kayaks, in Washington’s inland waters.


Exemptions to the rules for safety include vessels actively fishing commercially, cargo vessels travelling in established shipping lanes, and government and research vessels.

The whales, which depend on their highly sophisticated natural sonar to navigate and find food, can be affected by underwater noise from boats and disturbed by vessels, including non-motorized ones, that approach too close or block their paths. The agency’s killer whale recovery plan, released in early 2008, calls for actions to reduce disturbance from vessels.

When the regulations were originally proposed in July 2009, they included a half-mile wide no-go zone along the west side of San Juan Island from May 1 through the end of September, where vessels were prohibited. Due to the extensive responses that were received during the public comment period, the final regulations do not include the no-go zone, and NOAA’s Fisheries Service will instead continue to gather information to consider the concept in future rulemaking.

Sturm, Ruger Pledges $1m To NRA If Company Sells 1m Guns In A Year

May 27, 2011


Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc., is proud to announce the “Million Gun Challenge” to benefit the NRA. Ruger pledges to donate $1,000,000 to the NRA if one million new Ruger firearms are sold between the 2011 and 2012 NRA Shows.

“Our goal is to present the NRA with a check for one million dollars during the 141st NRA Annual Meeting in St. Louis next April,” said Ruger CEO Mike Fifer. “This substantial donation would reflect a record-breaking feat in the firearms industry, as we believe no company has every sold one million firearms in a 12-month period. With the help of our loyal customers, we hope to make history and to share that accomplishment with the NRA.”

To learn more about Ruger’s extensive line of American-made pistols, rifles, revolvers and shotguns, and to follow the progress of the “Million Gun Challenge,” visit or

Boat Sale On This Weekend At Alderwood Mall, Wash.

May 20, 2011


Buy your new or pre-owned boat at the Seattle Boat Show Spring Sale on now through Sunday May 22 at the Alderwood Mall parking lot in Lynnwood!

Compare 100 boats side-by-side from the region’s biggest dealers. Shop aluminum fishing boats, fiberglass fishing boats, runabouts, sportboats, cruisers, personal watercraft and more all on trailers.

Win great prizes from West Marine, including a $500 Gift Card!

The Seattle Boat Show Spring Sale is open from 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. each day.

PLUS, Tune in to 710 ESPN radio on Saturday morning from 6-9 a.m. for The Outdoor Line fishing show to hear an interview with one of the Spring Sale exhibitors!

For driving directions, click on

Boat Brands at the Spring Sale: Alumaweld, Aspen Power Catamarans, Axis, Bayliner, Bryant, Chaparral, Cobalt, Glastron, Hewescraft, Hydra-Sport, Larson, Malibu, MB, River Hawk, Sea Ray, Stabicraft, Striper, Tige, Trophy, Yamaha

Boat Dealers at the Spring Sale: Aspen Power Catamarans, Breakwater Marine, Granite Boatworks, Lake Union Sea Ray, Lynnwood Motoplex, Seattle Boat Company, Seattle Watersports, Stabicraft, Three Rivers Marine, Tom-N-Jerry’s Boats

First-ever South OlyPen Outdoor Show This Weekend

May 16, 2011


The first-ever South Olympic Peninsula Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Expo is scheduled for the Grays Harbor Fairgrounds in Elma for a two-day run May 21-22, 2011.

Representatives from the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds & Tourism Department, along with outdoor enthusiasts from Mason County, will be presenting the Outdoor Expo in a coordinated effort to showcase the outdoor experiences, destinations, festivals and events in the two-county region.

“We encourage local businesses involved in the outdoor tourism markets, along with festival-event promoters and lodging providers to participate in this new Outdoor Expo. This is a perfect opportunity to let the traveling public, along with outdoor enthusiasts, know what is offered locally.” said Brent Hunter, the Grays Harbor Tourism Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator.

“The purpose of the event is to demonstrate that both counties are the primary outdoor adventure, activity and sportsmen’s destinations in Western Washington.”

“We are blessed with a diverse topography from spectacular mountains, lakes, forests, streams, estuaries and ocean beaches that are inhabited by a wide range of fish, shellfish, wildlife and game,” Fair and Events Coordinator Rod Easton said. “All this makes for a tremendous opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with fishing, hunting and camping enthusiasts, we will also welcome surfers, cyclists, kayakers, hikers and boaters. There are also several surprises in store to insure that the event is attractive to a full-spectrum of people who simply enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer in Grays Harbor and Mason counties.”

The Outdoor Expo will be a unique opportunity for businesses that cater to sportsmen such as, charter operations, hunting and fishing guides, and outfitters to showcase their local-area knowledge and expertise. Exhibitors will share space at the Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds Pavilion and Exhibit Hall with live demonstrations, outdoor product promotions and possibly even some skill contests.

“The first Outdoor Expo will be promoted in the media on a regional level, targeting people who live and work in the I-5 corridor. I also think that residents of the two-county area will be surprised to find what they can explore and enjoy in their own back yard.” Hunter said.

Mike Bruner, the Fairgrounds and Tourism Department Manager, said “This is an event that our management team has wanted to host for a long time. We had been brain-storming on this for quite a while. Brent and Rod had worked hard to put together the groundwork for the show and were ready to announce it to the public when, ironically, we were contacted by Dale Hubbard, from the Mason County Daily News. He had been working on a similar event in Mason County that hadn’t made it off the ground yet. We all thought, wow…. This would be a great opportunity for stakeholders in the outdoor and tourism industries within the two Counties to get together to promote our outdoor assets, as well as our related businesses and lodging providers, to Western Washington Sportsmen. As an avid outdoorsman, I’m excited for the event.”

Northwest Sportsman will be at the show both days with our world-famous dagger deal — a CRKT Big Eddy Fillet or Kershaw fillet knife with a two-year subscription, while supplies last.

Applications for exhibitor/vendor space for the Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Expo can now be made for the event at the Grays Harbor County Fair & Exhibit Center by contacting Rod Easton or Brent Hunter at 360-482-2651 or 800-621-9625, or e-mailing them at reaston@co.grays- and

The Grays Harbor Fairgrounds is owned and operated by Grays Harbor County. Visit their web site at and to learn more about local tourism click on

Cub Scout Fishing Day With Local Muskie Inc. Chapter

May 14, 2011


Traditions are always a special part of anybody’s life and it is no exception when it comes to bringing new anglers into the sport of fishing. Muskie’s Inc has always stood behind the youth fishery philosophy and Chapter #57 NW TIGER PAC takes great pride in ensuring that movement continues today.

On Saturday May 7, 2011 members of Chapter #57 and many volunteer parents of Cub Scout Pack 478 Den 5 all came together at Bradley Lake Park in Puyallup, Wash., to give these future anglers a greater perspective and outlook on fishing. Some of the Cub Scouts were able to wet a line for the very first time ever, what a treat that was!

Even more special was being able to hand out brand new rods, reels, tackle boxes and tackle for each Cub Scout to take with them to help them with starting their angling journey.

It was a moment that many of these boys will not soon forget, and Chapter #57 was very proud to be a part of such a great day.  Even though the day may have had rain it didn’t stop these boys from wanting to be out on the lake learning and aspiring to become future anglers.

To top off the event for a very fitting close the boys were entertained by getting to enjoy watching an Osprey do its own fishing by landing a decent size meal right in front of the whole group.


A special thanks goes out to every volunteer and specifically Miles McDonald for cooking such a phenomenal lunch for everyone, Pete Jensen for donating full bags of fishing tackle for each Cub Scout, Joe French and his son Jesse for the photography and helping with teaching the Cub Scouts to fish, Jani K for coordinating and working with the chapter to ensure things went smoothly, Mike & Dan Fuller for taking time to help with teaching and rigging gear up for those that needed help, Blake Purdum for being a mentor and guide to showing the boys about how the fishing reels worked and how to cast their line, Darryl Wegter for taking the time and giving your full attention to helping each and every Cub Scout with answering questions and teaching them how to fish and last but certainly not least Norm Dillon and the Support of Chapter 57 NW TIGER PAC Muskie’s Inc. for helping to make this event such a Memorable and Successful event.

Without all of these members in place to give of their time this event wouldn’t have been what it was.

To all those that helped in sponsoring this event such as Wholesale Sports and Outdoors, Musky Hunter Magazine, and the Seattle CGEA, Muskie Inc Chapter #57 NW TIGER PAC also personally wants to send out a BIG THANK YOU for helping to provide each Cub Scout with the gear needed to have a great day of fishing. You all ROCK!!!

Free Lure, Seminars, Goodies At Three Rivers Marine’s 11th Anniversary This Weekend

May 10, 2011

That’s right, all you Northwest sportsmen (and gals), Woodinville, Washington’s Three Rivers Marine & Tackle is celebrating their 11th anniversary with free seminars  and free goodies — all you have to do is mention Northwest Sportsman for your FREE Worden’s Silver Magic Kokanee lure!

Come out to their celebration sale on May 13th & 14th for FREE hot dogs, pop, balloons for the kids, and a FREE kokanee seminar with the Northwest’s premier koke-a-holic, the one and only Bill Herzog at 11 a.m!


And now might be the time to give a BIG thanks to and congrats from all of us here at Northwest Sportsman magazine (and Web site) to Scott, Dave, Curt, Shirley and the rest of our friends at Three Rivers Marine & Tackle for a job well done and the support you’ve given us since day one.

Here’s to another successful 11 years.

Brian Lull
Sales Director,
NW Sportsman Magazine & Website

Mark’s Marine Of Hayden Lake ‘Fishes For Food’ This Weekend

May 10, 2011


This weekend is the “Fishing for Food” event at Mark’s Marine. Please help us to get the word out so that we can fill a Lund fishing boat with non-perishable food for the Kootenai County Food Bank.

Together we can help to reel- in hunger.


Non-perishable food only please

The first 200 people to donate will receive a free Logo hat of their choice.

Everyone who donates food will be entered to win a free Fish Fishfinder provided by Mark’s Marine.

Event Hours

Friday May 13: 9 am – 6 pm

Saturday May 14: 9 am – 6 pm

Sunday May 15: noon – 4 pm

About Mark’s Marine

Mark’s Marine has been your Inland Northwest Fishing boat dealer for over 40 years.  We specialize in aluminum fishing boats and pontoon boats and we have one of the largest marine accessories departments in the area.

Throughout the year we try to support the local fishing community with a number of seminars and sponsored tournaments.  The “Fishing for Food” event is just one more way we’re trying to give back to the community.

Spring Catch Promotion

During the Fishing for Food event we will be running a number of special deals focusing on our entry level packages from each boat line that we carry.  Get on the water in time for Memorial Day with these hot deals.

Mark’s Marine is at 14395 N Government Way just north of the town of Hayden, Idaho. Located halfway between Lake Pend Oreille and Lake Coeur d’Alene on Highway 95, Mark’s Marine is centerally located to all the major lakes and only minutes from Hayden Lake.

Mack’s Lure Co. Rolls Out New Site

April 28, 2011


Mack’s Lure Company has rolled out a new website,, designed to enhance your online experience!

Mack’s Lure Company, a national fishing tackle manufacturer with headquarters in Washington State, has a variety of media platforms available on the new site designed to interest and educate you – the serious angler.


Highlights include The Mack Attack, a free e-newsletter full of fishing news and advice, a Photo Gallery featuring fish caught by fishermen and women using Mack’s Lure products, and Video Page featuring lures from Mack’s and tips on how to use them.

Finally, Mack’s is proud to continue its relationship with world famous angler and caster Stan Fagerstrom, who dishes out sage advice in his monthly column, Stan’s Corner.

In addition to the great tips and information now available, you will also find an online catalog full of Mack’s Lure fishing tackle and accessories to include the world famous Wedding Ring Spinner, patented Smile Blade and the new, innovative Double D Dodger.

Throw in an interactive forum, a listing of pro staff members and pro guides, updated news stories and a section full of “free” things for the consumer and there are all sorts of reasons to visit the new and improved site at!

Garage Plus, NW Sportsman Man Cave Photo Contest

April 19, 2011

Garage Plus and Northwest Sportsman magazine announce the Show Us Your Man Cave Photo Contest!

Last time we wanted to see your hunting camps; this time we want to see how and where you store your toys.

So if you think you have the “Garage Mahal” of Northwest man caves, send us pics and a short write-up on why your man cave is your favorite place in the whole wide world, and we’ll enter you in the contest to win a fully guided salmon or steelhead trip for two and a bunch of other goodies.


Send your pictures to

The contest ends June 31st , 2011.

Fisherman’s Announces Opening Of Tigard Store, 3rd For Portland Outdoor Retailer

April 1, 2011


We’re proud to announce that we’re expanding to the West side of Portland with a new 30,000 square foot store across Hwy 217 from Washington Square Mall. The address is 10329 SW Cascade Blvd (the former Comp USA building between Mor Furniture and Staples).

Getting to the west side has been an ongoing goal and we’re tremendously excited to be renovating the building right now with our Grand Opening scheduled for April (exact date tbd at this point!).

In addition to the fishing and hunting gear that has been the backbone of Fisherman’s, the new store will feature an expanded selection of camping, footwear and apparel.

We look forward to connecting with a whole new community of outdoors people while making shopping at Fisherman’s more convenient!

Thank you for your support of Fisherman’s!

Mack’s Hires Ed Fields As Operations Director

March 30, 2011


Mack’s Lure Company, a national fishing tackle manufacturer with headquarters in Wenatchee, Washington, is proud to announce that Ed Fields has been appointed as Director of Operations for the company.

Mack’s Lure Company has been producing lures, to include the world famous Wedding Ring Spinner, since 1969.

Asked about his new position Fields states, “For a product to withstand the test of time it needs several key components.  The products need to be able to do what they were designed to do and there needs to be a strong company with dedicated employees supporting their products.”

Fields continues by saying, “Mack’s Lure has been producing lures for over 40 years for two reasons: Number 1: THEY CATCH FISH!  Number 2:  The Company stands behind their products.

“That is exactly why I feel blessed to be here.  As Mack’s Lure moves forward with new and inventive products in the years to come the goals established back in 1969 remain the same:  Quality products – plus service –  equals satisfied customers.  That will never change.  You have my word on it.”


Cabela’s Announces May 5 Opening At Springfield

March 9, 2011

Cabela’s has announced that their brand-new store in Springfield — the first in Oregon — will open Thursday, May 5, 2011, at 4 p.m.

Located on the sight of a former furniture store at 2800 Gateway Street, company officials say the building has “undergone a dramatic renovation to reflect Cabela’s traditional outdoor theme inside and out. Museum-quality wildlife displays, historic memorabilia, trophy animal mounts will be featured throughout” the 58,000-square-foot facility.

More than 200 employees have been hired to stock and staff the store with products the Sydney, Nebraska-based firm says have been “chosen specifically for the Pacific Northwest outdoor enthusiast.”

Shoppers will also find a “gun library, fly fishing shop, bargain cave” and other sections.

The outlet is being managed by Bob Fabbri, described as an “avid hunter of high country mule deer” who “also enjoys outdoor photography and horseback riding.”

It will be open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 9 a.m to 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Cabela’s also has 32 stores across the Lower 48 and southern Canada, including outlets in Lacey, Wash., and Post Falls and Boise, Idaho, plans to open five more locations, including Springfield, soon. Among the largest is a 235,000-square-foot facility in Texas.

It also operates a popular catalog business.

Last month the company reported increased fourth-quarters sales in late 2010 vs. the same period in 2009.

Group Aims To Grow Columbia Steelhead Fishery

February 16, 2011

Last week the directors of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and Travel Oregon met with the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association to initiate a pilot project designed to grow participation in the Columbia River summer steelhead fishery.  The meeting was held in conjunction with the Pacific Northwest Sportsman’s Show in Portland, the third largest consumer show of its type in America.


NSIA representatives included major retailers such as Fred Meyer and Fishermen’s Marine and Outdoor, tackle manufacturers, outdoor advertising and media, including Northwest Sportsman magazine, and guides.  Facilitated by ODFW, the participants brainstormed ways to leverage their collective communication platforms and resources for better outreach to attract new customers to this thriving but underappreciated fishery.

“Steelhead are one of Oregon’s most prized game fish, known for their fight,” said Todd Davidson, Director of Travel Oregon.  “Great conditions and stable fishing seasons make summer steelhead a solid draw to Oregon for visiting anglers and their families.” Davidson continued, “The statewide potential of this pilot project is tremendous.”

Last year, nearly half a million of these summer steelhead, often nicknamed “freight trains” entered the Columbia River and were pursued by anglers from the bank and from boats.  For 2011 the steelhead returns will be down, but only slightly.

Northwest Sportsman plans on covering the fishery.

“This is the perfect fishery for the families that shop Fred Meyer,” said Cheryl Kindwall, sporting goods buyer.  “A Columbia River steelhead is easily caught from the river’s many public beaches, turning a fishing trip into a picnic and fun family outing.”

For families and friends who prefer beach fishing, the Columbia River has many islands.  The President of Northwest Guides and Angler’s Association, Bob Rees, envisions guided adventures to island beaches with transportation, licenses, gear and food chartered by the Association’s professional guides.

Focusing print media, social media, broadcast media and online media on a single fishery will produce results that can be benchmarked through increased license and boat registration sales, tackle and equipment sales, and angler trips.  An event celebrating steelhead at a Columbia River park with how-to clinics for bank and boat anglers put on by local experts is being explored.  Additionally, the group will work to develop a multifaceted online presence for fishing that will link where-to—boat launches and public beaches shown using mapping software and how-to—with videos and technical brochures.  This site could link to guide and charter business and retail tackle outlets, as well as other hospitality services, such as hotels, wineries and other uniquely Oregon offerings.

Collectively, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Travel Oregon, the Oregon State Marine Board and the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association can pool their resources to grow jobs from a sustainable natural resource by generating demand for products and services related to sportfishing.  Through license sales, these new customers will also fund the conservation mission of ODFW, ensuring that future generations of Oregonians and the visitors to our beautiful state can enjoy the unparalleled family and friend bonding that sportfishing supplies.

Winter 2011 Sportsmen’s Show Schedule

January 18, 2011

Pick a weekend, any weekend between now and mid-March and some town around the Northwest will be hosting a sportsmen’s or boat show.

This weekend it’s Pasco and Seattle. The following it’s Puyallup and Bozeman. The next, Eugene and Great Falls.

Here’s the full slate of upcoming shows:


Jan. 21-23: Tri-Cities Sportsmen Show, TRAC Center, Pasco, Wash;

Jan. 21-30: Seattle Boat Show, Qwest Field Event Center/South Lake Union, Seattle;

Jan. 26-30: Washington Sportsmen’s Show, Western Washington Fairgrounds, Puyallup;

Jan. 28-30: Great Rockies Sport Show, Gallatin Co. Fairgrounds, Bozeman;



Feb. 4-6: Eugene Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, Lane County Fairgrounds, Eugene;

Feb. 4-6: Great Rockies Sport Show, Montana ExpoPark, Great Falls;

Feb. 9-13: Pacific Northwest Sportsmen’s Show, Expo Center, Portland;

Feb. 18-19: Seattle Sportsmen’s Convention fundraiser, Meydenbauer Center, Bellevue, Wash.;

Feb. 18-20: Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show, Douglas County Fairgrounds, Roseburg, Ore.;

Feb. 18-20: Central Washington Sportsmen Show, SunDome, Yakima;

Feb. 25-27: Jackson County Sportsmen’s & Outdoor Recreation Show, Jackson County Expo, Medford;


March 3-6: Idaho Sportsmen’s Show, Expo Idaho, Boise;

March 4-6: BC Boat & Sportsmen’s Show, and BC Hunting Show, TRADEX, Abbotsford, B.C.;

March 10-13: Central Oregon Sportsmen’s Show, Deschutes County Fair & Expo Center, Redmond;

March 11-13: Great Rockies Sport Show, Flathead County Fairgrounds, Kalispell, Mont.;

March 12-13: Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo, Linn County Expo Center, Albany, Ore.;

March 17-20: Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show, Interstate Fairgrounds, Spokane

May 21-22: South Olympic Peninsula Outdoor Recreation & Adventure Expo, Grays Harbor County Fairgrounds, Elma, Wash.

Northwest Sportsman Seeks New Sales Talent For The New Year!

December 31, 2010

The Northwest’s only homegrown full-color, glossy fishing/hunting/outdoor lifestyle publication is looking for an experienced salesperson to round out our veteran Seattle sales team.

If you enjoy cold calling, opening new territories, and the challenge/rewards of contributing to a rare success story in today’s publishing business, we want to hear from you!

Email your résumé to today.

Wooley Promoted To President at Renaissance

December 20, 2010


The Board of Directors of Renaissance Marine Group, Inc. is pleased to announce the promotion of Jerry Wooley to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Renaissance Marine Group, Inc. (“RMG”) and its subsidiaries, Duckworth Boat Works, Inc. and Weldcraft Marine Industries, Inc.

As President, Mr. Wooley is responsible for all the day-to-day operations of RMG, including product development for the Company’s three brands of welded aluminum sport and fishing boats marketed as Duckworth, Weldcraft and Northwest Jet boats.

Mr. Wooley has served as RMG’s Executive Vice President and COO since September, 2007. Prior to that he served as RMG’s Vice President – Production and Director of Engineering and Production.

Before joining Duckworth in 1997, Mr. Wooley spent twelve years with The Boeing Company in a variety of roles including Quality Engineering, Manufacturing, Process Engineering and Manufacturing Management. He previously worked for the U.S. Navy as a civilian engineer on torpedo and target programs.

A native of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, Mr. Wooley holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho and a Master of Engineering Management degree from Washington State University. He also is well trained in a variety of LEAN Manufacturing processes.

Daniel N. Larson, Chief Executive Officer of RMG, stated: “We are very pleased to promote Jerry Wooley into this expanded role as President of Renaissance Marine Group, Inc. He has demonstrated tremendous industry leadership during the challenging downturn since 2007. He led our product development team that introduced our highly successful Weldcraft Cuddy King series and the new Duckworth Offshore series, and he oversaw the integration of the Northwest Jet boats line into our production and sales team. He also managed our dealer development into Canada and Russia, both of which are continuing to grow. Our sales for 2010 will be up more than 40%, and we enter 2011 with our greatest backlog of orders ever!”

Renaissance Marine Group, Inc. is the holding company for Duckworth Boat Works, Inc. and Weldcraft Marine Industries, Inc. RMG manufactures and sells Duckworth, Weldcraft and Northwest Jet brand welded aluminum sport and fishing boats solely through independent marine dealers. Dealers currently are located in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, California, Alaska, western Canada, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Standard models are offered from 17’ to 30’ powered by outboards, inboard jet pumps and sterndrives.

New Nootka Lodge Offers Year-round Getaway

December 17, 2010


When the new full-service Moutcha Bay Lodge opens this spring, Nootka Sound will have yet another draw to one of the most pristine and spectacular fishing and ocean adventure destinations in Western Canada.

“Our goal is to offer guests a year round experience at Nootka Sound. Each season brings different ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and as Canada opens up to new emerging tourism markets, we want to ensure we continue to look after our current clientele while growing to accommodate new visitors to the area,” says Nootka Marine Adventures’ general manager, Dave Gosnell.

Gosnell adds that each year it surprises him how Nootka Sound goes quiet after Labour Day weekend, when some of the best fishing experiences are still to be had in September and October.

“We think we can easily extend our season at the floating resort by educating local anglers on the amazing shoulder season experiences they can have, while offering year round getaways at our new lodge.”

Anglers who have already discovered the joys of fishing in the area are familiar with Nootka Sound Resort, a floating lodge which can accommodate up to 38 guests, located in Tlupana Inlet – 11 miles from the open Pacific Ocean. Opened from June – September each year, Nootka Sound Resort is all inclusive, offering boat moorage along with access to a wide range of world class sport fishing,  ecotours and some of the best locally sourced gourmet fare on the west coast.

The purchase of Moutcha Bay Resort in 2008, one of the few resorts on Vancouver Island with road access, allowed Nootka Marine Adventures to cater to RV and campers, as well as offer a few chalets and additional access to the sport fishing and wildlife adventures in the area. Set in a sheltered inlet, Moutcha Bay quickly became a destination its own, offering gas and diesel sales, boat launch, propane and a small store. Fishermen took special notice as the resort is located at the head of Moutcha Bay where the salmon school for their trip up the Conuma River, thanks to a very successful salmon hatchery.

“Judging by the demand for accommodation and services we offered, it seemed to make sense to open a year round lodge and expand on the hospitality we can offer to local and international adventurers,” says Gosnell.

Moutcha Bay Lodge will be completed this fall, with the finishing interior touches taking place over the winter. The lodge will feature six spacious loft-style and self contained suites, offering spectacular views of Tlupana Inlet, and some large enough to accommodate up to seven guests. A full service pub style restaurant will also be a welcome amenity to the area, as will the fully licensed fish packing plant, with freezer and ice making equipment. Additional stand alone chalets are available with more planned for the future, as well as the upgrading of existing RV and camp sites.  Boats, electric down riggers, rods, reels and tackle, prawn and crab traps can also be rented onsite.

“Our many years of operating a resort in this area has taught us well on what amenities and type of accommodation would be welcome,” says Gosnell.  “We also want to celebrate the local First Nations Culture, while also ensuring we respect the environment, and operate with as minimal a footprint as possible.”

What that means is Nootka Marine Adventures takes sustainable tourism seriously.  Not only are they completely compliant with DFO and Ministry of Environment standards with both resorts, they have added additional infrastructure like solar energy, eco-friendly waste management while practicing and teaching environmental stewardship on all their guided tours.

Despite the recent downturn in the economy, Gosnell feels strongly that the type of full service hospitality matched with fishing and outdoor adventure expertise and affordable accommodation being offered by Nootka Marine Adventures will continue to attract tourists, whether local or long haul.

“The locations of both our resorts means we can offer one of the most diversified vacation experiences in Nootka Sound,” says Gosnell.  “Our commitment will be to provide some of the best fresh and saltwater fishing experiences in Canada, along with diving, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and the abundance of ocean and wildlife viewing Nootka Sound offers. Matched with comfortable accommodation and exceptional food, we think we provide the kind of high value, high return on experience today’s tourists are looking for”.

New Lodge At  Moutcha Bay Aims to Open Up Year Long Adventures in Nootka Sound.

Nootka Sound, BC – When the new full-service Moutcha Bay Lodge opens this spring, (located just 43 kilometres outside Gold River, BC), Nootka Sound will have yet another draw to one of the most pristine and spectacular fishing and ocean adventure destinations in Western Canada.

“Our goal is to offer guests a year round experience at Nootka Sound. Each season brings different ways to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and as Canada opens up to new emerging tourism markets, we want to ensure we continue to look after our current clientele while growing to accommodate new visitors to the area,” says Nootka Marine Adventures’ general manager, Dave Gosnell.  Gosnell adds that each year it surprises him how Nootka Sound goes quiet after Labour Day weekend, when some of the best fishing experiences are still to be had in September and October.

“We think we can easily extend our season at the floating resort by educating local anglers on the amazing shoulder season experiences they can have, while offering year round getaways at our new lodge.”

Anglers who have already discovered the joys of fishing in the area are familiar with Nootka Sound Resort, a floating lodge which can accommodate up to 38 guests, located in Tlupana Inlet – 11 miles from the open Pacific Ocean. Opened from June – September each year, Nootka Sound Resort is all inclusive, offering boat moorage along with access to a wide range of world class sport fishing,  ecotours and some of the best locally sourced gourmet fare on the west coast.

The purchase of Moutcha Bay Resort in 2008, one of the few resorts on Vancouver Island with road access, allowed Nootka Marine Adventures to cater to RV and campers, as well as offer a few chalets and additional access to the sport fishing and wildlife adventures in the area. Set in a sheltered inlet, Moutcha Bay quickly became a destination its own, offering gas and diesel sales, boat launch, propane and a small store. Fishermen took special notice as the resort is located at the head of Moutcha Bay where the salmon school for their trip up the Conuma River, thanks to a very successful salmon hatchery.

“Judging by the demand for accommodation and services we offered, it seemed to make sense to open a year round lodge and expand on the hospitality we can offer to local and international adventurers,” says Gosnell.

Moutcha Bay Lodge will be completed this fall, with the finishing interior touches taking place over the winter. The lodge will feature six spacious loft-style and self contained suites, offering spectacular views of Tlupana Inlet, and some large enough to accommodate up to seven guests. A full service pub style restaurant will also be a welcome amenity to the area, as will the fully licensed fish packing plant, with freezer and ice making equipment. Additional stand alone chalets are available with more planned for the future, as well as the upgrading of existing RV and camp sites.  Boats, electric down riggers, rods, reels and tackle, prawn and crab traps can also be rented onsite.

“Our many years of operating a resort in this area has taught us well on what amenities and type of accommodation would be welcome,” says Gosnell.  “We also want to celebrate the local First Nations Culture, while also ensuring we respect the environment, and operate with as minimal a footprint as possible.”

What that means is Nootka Marine Adventures takes sustainable tourism seriously.  Not only are they completely compliant with DFO and Ministry of Environment standards with both resorts, they have added additional infrastructure like solar energy, eco-friendly waste management while practicing and teaching environmental stewardship on all their guided tours.

Despite the recent downturn in the economy, Gosnell feels strongly that the type of full service hospitality matched with fishing and outdoor adventure expertise and affordable accommodation being offered by Nootka Marine Adventures will continue to attract tourists, whether local or long haul.

“The locations of both our resorts means we can offer one of the most diversified vacation experiences in Nootka Sound,” says Gosnell.  “Our commitment will be to provide some of the best fresh and saltwater fishing experiences in Canada, along with diving, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and the abundance of ocean and wildlife viewing Nootka Sound offers. Matched with comfortable accommodation and exceptional food, we think we provide the kind of high value, high return on experience today’s tourists are looking for”.

More information on Nootka Marine Adventures, Nootka Sound Resort and Moutcha Bay Resort may be found at

Guide Harrington To Head Up Big K Ranch’s New Fishing Program

December 9, 2010


The Big K has teamed up with Todd Harrington’s Living Waters Guide Service to expand its fishing services. Harrington will serve as Director of The Big K’s new fishing program, which now offers year-round guided fishing trips, scenic jet boat rides and rafting trips through the famous Umpqua River Loop, the most scenic and secluded stretch of the Main Umpqua River.


Big K anglers are privileged to have “first water” every day for Winter Steelhead, Spring and Fall Chinook, Coho Salmon, Smallmouth Bass and Shad. Guided trips for keeper and oversize Sturgeon, Striped Bass, Crabbing and ocean fishing are just a short distance from the Ranch. Shuttle service, non-guided private fishing opportunities and river access are also available.

With the appointment of Todd Harrington as Fishing Program Director, The Big K has added a private, easily accessible boat ramp six miles upriver from the ranch, bringing the total number of private boat ramps exclusive to Big K anglers to eight. The Big K’s drift boats have been updated, two new rafts and a 24-foot Team North River Scout jet boat has been added to its fishing fleet. Continuing its commitment to safety and professionalism, all Big K guides are now U.S. Coast Guard certified and insured.

“I’m very happy and honored to head up The Big K’s new year-round fishing program,” says Harrington. “The famous Umpqua River Loop has been my home waters for the past 12 years. Having the opportunity to team up with The Big K and share its truly spectacular 2,500-acre property, lodge, scenery and fishery with guests from around the world is a dream come true. God is good!”

About Todd Harrington, The Big K’s new Fishing Program Director

Harrington grew up fishing and rafting Oregon’s Rogue and Applegate Rivers and first dreamed of becoming a professional guide at the tender age of eight. Professionalism, a deep commitment to preserving the water and environment he fishes, and providing clients with world-class angling experiences are hallmarks of Harrington’s career. He has guided clients from around the world through his Living Waters Guide Service for the past twelve years. He also previously owned and operated Angel Lodge on the Elk River near Port Orford, Ore. Harrington, a tournament bass fisherman, earned ESPN’s Best of Show award for Sturgeon fishing on the Umpqua River. He’s made the famous Umpqua River Loop his home for more than a decade and fishes its waters more than 200 days each year.

“We’re thrilled to have Todd Harrington join our team and lead the expansion of our fishing services,” says Kathie Larsen, Director of The Big K. “Todd’s impressive experience as a professional fishing guide, his knowledge of the Umpqua River Loop bordering our ranch, and his deep commitment to customer service make him a perfect fit for working with our clients.”

$25K Contest Targets Hatchery Steelhead

December 3, 2010


With the holiday spirit in mind, Pautzke Bait Company is offering $25,000 in cash prizes for record hatchery steelhead caught in the Northwest the winter and spring. In an effort to revive interest in one of the region’s signature fisheries, Pautzke is offering $5,000 in Washington and $10,000 each in Oregon and Idaho. All promotions begin at legal fishing time on December 10, 2010 and persist through April.

Contests are subject to all state regulations and are governed by each state’s specific management rules per the species. Each contest is limited to the first 10,000 anglers who pre-register in each state on Registration begins December 10 and is offered on a first come, first served basis. Proper permits have been attained from Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

“This goes back to our roots,” notes Casey Kelley, owner of Pautzke. “With this promotion we’ve given the guy casting bait on the bank the same chances as something drifting down the river with a guide. Any one who can wet a line has chance to win the money. It’s a great thing for the entire fishing industry.”

Steelhead must be caught while using ANY Pautzke Bait Company product (including Liquid Krill, Firebait, Firecure, BorX O Fire, Fire Power, Nectar and all Balls O’ Fire salmon eggs), in the manner prescribed by the three state fish and wildlife state governing organizations. Only those who preregister are eligible.

In order to further protect the species, to ensure that all fish are caught legally any winner is subject to passing a polygraph examination.

“We at Pautzke are conscientious of the wild steelhead in the Pacific Northwest and wanted to craft a promotion that protected those fish, yet were eager to promote steelhead fishing in the region,” says Chris Shaffer, Pautzke’s director of operations. “With the prizes available to anglers in each state our goal is to lure anglers away from their computers and cell phones and out into the great outdoor fishing opportunities we have in the Northwest.”

The event is co-sponsored by Northwest Sportsman and Northwest Wild Country Radio, who will be aiding Pautzke in public awareness.

In Washington, where the masses know that hatchery fish are extremely unlikely to break the current state record winter or summer run steelhead, the $5,000 cash purse will be offered to any hatchery steelhead that exceeds 28 pounds. With that said, if more than one fish breaks that benchmark, the largest fish of the promotion will be awarded the prize.

“Every year in the state of Washington there’s a hatchery steelhead caught between 25-30 pounds,” says Joel Shangle, host of Northwest Wild Country Radio. “Hatchery steelhead this big definitely exist here and hopefully this promotion will generate a whole new level of participation among Washington steelheadanglers.

In Idaho, $10,000 will be awarded to any hatchery steelhead that breaks the current 30.03-pound record.

“There’s always a chance of seeing a new state record in Idaho,” says guide and Pautzke pro staffer Toby Wyatt of Reel Time Fishing. “I don’t think I’ve seen many hatchery steelhead break 30 pounds since I was a kid growing up on the banks of the Clearwater, but I’m sure there’s record size fish in this river.”

In Oregon, $10,000 cash will be awarded to any angler whose catch exceeds the 35.50-pound mark.

“There is quite a bit of excitement among the plunkers about the contest. Each year they catch a few steelhead over 20 pounds and they feel they have a realistic shot at getting a huge steelhead. There are more and more hatchery steelhead over 20 pounds thanks to the broadstock programs on the Chetco and the Tillamook area rivers. Each year it seems more and more hatchery steelhead in the upper teens and 20-pound rage are caught,” says guide and Pautzke pro staffer Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing. “I’m betting one of the plunkers will end up catching a fish to contend for the prize.”

Lamiglas G1306T Boasts New Look & Features For 2011

November 16, 2010


The Lamiglas 1306T is one of an entirely updated series of tried-and-true high performace rods by Lamiglas. Now, with a rich, striking cranberry metallic finish, this quintessential steelhead drift rod features more guides, in fact, American Tackle Ring Lock guides. These guides are more durable and lighter which you’ll feel the moment you pick this rod up.


The 1306T is an 8’6”, 2 piece rod rated for 8 to 12 lb. test line and lure weights from 3/8 to ¾ ounce.

For more information, visit

Yakima Bait Buys Big Al’s

November 2, 2010


Yakima Bait Company has purchased Big Al’s Tackle Company of Lakebay, WA. Big Al’s manufactures and markets the unique Fish Flash in-line, “no drag” flasher.

The purchase by Yakima Bait will help in getting production up to speed and allow the rotating flasher to be marketed in the Great Lakes and other areas where attractors are used.

The Big Al Fish Flash is an extremely popular attractor used by salmon and steelhead anglers in Alaska, British Columbia and along the West Coast.  The triangle-shaped attractor actually spins, putting off a fish-attracting flash on every rotation.  And, unlike traditional dodgers or flashers, the Fish Flash is easy pulling, offering very little drag, letting the angler feel the fight of the fish.

“This is a great addition to our line of salmon and steelhead products,” said Yakima Bait president Mark Masterson.  “We are excited to meet the demand of anglers who know how effect the Fish Flash is, and to help bring it to new markets.”

The Fish Flash was invented by Al Hazelquist in 1990, and is available in four sizes and a dozen colors.  Masterson said that Yakima Bait will be working on some possible new Fish Flash colors and UV finishes in the months ahead.

Yakima Bait Co. currently makes Worden’s Rooster Tail spinners, the original FlatFish lure, Spin-N-Glo and Lil’Corky drift bobbers, Mag Lips and a variety of other fresh and saltwater lures.

New Salmon Derby Features $10K First Prize

October 5, 2010


The San Juan Islands Chapter of the Puget Sound Anglers is pleased to announce the Northwest’s newest salmon derby, The Resurrection Derby, which will award a first-place cash prize of $10,000. This newest addition to the NMTA’s Northwest Salmon Derby Series will be held December 3rd & 4th at the Port of Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA.

For a mere $400.00 entry fee, those 100 teams (with up to 4 anglers per team), lucky enough to get a spot, will vie for $15,000 in guaranteed purse money offering a 1st place prize of $10,000, 2nd place $2,500, 3rd place $1,000 and a $1,000 “Mystery Fish” prize during this two-day event.

“I envisioned a serious winter derby for serious salmon anglers … an event very similar to the old Rosario Derby” said club President and derby executive committee member, Jimmy Lawson.

Derby planners have scheduled the event to coincide with the opening week of the winter fishing season in the San Juan Islands.

“The winter season in the San Juans is a selective fishery.  We want to raise the awareness of the benefits of selective fishing, while promoting good sportsmanship and resource stewardship” said derby organizer, Andy Holman.

“Everyone who enters this derby is helping the fishery” said Bobby Wilson, derby organizer.  Wilson went on to say, “All net proceeds from the derby, which is staffed by club and community volunteers, will go directly towards salmon enhancement projects”.

“We are pleased and encouraged by the enthusiasm and support shown by The Port of Friday Harbor, the San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce, businesses and the community” said event Chairman Kevin Klein.

He went on to say, “Not only will this provide an economic benefit for our local economy in a dark time of the year, but will also give us the opportunity to showcase Friday Harbor and all it has to offer while providing needed funds for salmon enhancement”.

For more information, please go to:

Salmon Derby Raises $40K To Protect Fishing

September 7, 2010


The 11th Annual Buoy 10 Salmon Challenge was held August 27th in Astoria Oregon, and was another smashing success, raising nearly $40,000 to protect sport fishing!

The derby began the evening of the 26th with 91enthusiastic team captains (and most of their crews) checking in for the derby. NSIA staff and volunteers greeted the captains with t-shirts and team bags which included; custom made Buoy 10 Toman Spinners from Yakima Bait, Brad’s Super Cut Plugs, Gamakatsu hooks, Silver Horde Spoons and Pemican Beef Brisket Jerky for the teams to enjoy the following day. The captains were then greeted by weigh master, Don Swartz, to discuss the rules of the derby. The night concluded with a bucket raffle featuring a G Loomis Rod with a Shimano Tekota reel valued at $430.00 and a cocktail party.

The morning of the 27th the docks were lined with fisherman launching their boats and wishing each other luck. The waters near tongue point were amazingly calm in the early morning hours, while elsewhere the waters were rough from windchop and fisherman trying to fi nd the right spot. The bite started outslow for most and as the afternoon approached it was Fish On!

By 3:00pm the teams started to arrive at Camp Rilea to weigh-in. Thirty two teams weighed fish by the cut-off of 4:00 PM. Following weigh-in, the fishermen piled into Warrior Hall and the evening began with a silent auction and dinner. Before the dinner the ceremonies were kicked off, the tournament’s VIP’s, Washington Congressman Norm Dicks and Oregon State Representative Jules Bailey, shared their thoughts with the audience.

Representative Jules Bailey discussed the jobs that the sportfishing industry provides in the Pacific Northwest. Representative Bailey also touted the importance of supporting laws and regulations that will continue to keep sportfishing around for future of generations to come. Congressman Norm Dicks educated the packed hall on all he is doing at the federal level to reform and fund hatcheries, protect funding for habitat restoration and support selective sport fisheries. Having a devoted and life long sport fisherman from Washington State sit as chair of the appropriations committee in the US House of Representatives is an enormous blessing for those of us who share Congressman Dicks’ values to protect and restore our fishery resources!

The first place team was won by Captain John Posey and his crew Carmen Macdonald and Brandon McGavrin with a combined team weight of 76.4lbs. Taking home Lamiglas XCF 803 rods, Shimano Tekota 500LC reels, Lamiglas t-shirts, Lamiglas Hats and Plano Tackle Bags for each team member.

Taking second place team were Captain Steve Leonard and his crew Mike Gubard and Roy Engel who took home G Loomis GL2 SAR1084C/ 9’ Heavy Moderate Action Rods, Okuma Reels, G Loomis Fleece and hats and Plano Tackle boxes.

Rounding into third place was Captain Scott Weedman and his team of Kevin Sellers, and Reinhold Shook winning Plano tackle boxes filled with products from Pautzke, Brads, and Yakima Bait just to name a few.

The evening concluded with team giveaways for each and every team that was present, which included everything from crab traps, to Shimano Rods! Last was the captain’s drawing, where just the captains are entered to thank them for signing up their Team. This year, the lucky captain won a freezer from Hamilton’s Appliance Center in Gladstone, Oregon.

This years Buoy 10 Salmon Challenge was a great success thanks to our record number of sponsors: All Sports, Amato Publcations, ANWS – Tom McCall Chapter, Berkley, BS Fish Tales Inc, Bob Rees Fishing Guide, Clackacraft, D & G Bait, Danielson, Duckworth, Eagle Claw, Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor, Fred Meyer, G Loomis, Hamilton’s Appliances, Kershaw, Lamiglas, Leisure Sales, Lowrance/NAVICO, Marfood, Maurice Sporting Goods, Maxima, Morton & Associates, Mustad, Normark/Rapala, Northwest Sportsman Magazine, Okuma, Oregon Tackle, Pautzke Bait*, Plano, Pro-Cure Bait Scents, Pro-Troll, Pure Fishing, Salmon Trout Steelheader, Shimano, Silver Horde, Smokehouse, Stevens Marine, The Guide’s Forecast, Three River’s Marine, Tim Bailey & Associates, Tom Posey Co., Weldcraft, Willapa Marine, and Yakima Bait Co.

Ruger, Carhartt Return With Rifle-Jacket Offer

September 1, 2010


Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the return of the very popular free jacket promotion, once again combining two great American companies with reputations for building rugged and reliable products. Between September 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010, customers who purchase any new, American-made Ruger bolt-action rifle will receive a free Ruger-branded, American-made Carhartt jacket.

The 2010 jacket is based on the Duck Active Jac and has been made specifically for Ruger in the United States. It boasts12-ounce, firm-hand, 100% ring-spun cotton duck with a 100% polyester thermal lining for on-the-job warmth. It includes a thermal-lined hood, rib-knit cuffs and waist, two large hand-warmer pockets, two convenient inside pockets, and triple-stitched main seams. Made in America. Available in sizes small through XXXL, the jacket has a $75.00 retail value.

Redemption of the free Ruger-branded Carhartt jacket is easy – simply fill out the redemption coupon found at your local firearm retailer and mail it in along with a copy of the sales receipt. Redemption coupons can also be downloaded at, where you will also find complete promotion details and a copy of the official Terms and Conditions. Offer is for purchases of new Ruger rifles only, and is not valid on rifles previously sold at retail.

Ruger offers a large selection of bolt-action rifles, including the vast M77 Hawkeye line, as well the M77 Mark II Target, M77 Mark II Magnum, 77/17, 77/22 and 77/44 models. With 115 offerings in 31 different calibers and an assortment of stock configurations, finishes and barrel lengths, there is a Ruger bolt-action rifle to meet every shooter’s needs. For complete information on the extensive line of American-made Ruger firearms, visit To learn more about the full line of Carhartt clothing and merchandise, visit

Vault For Solo Shotgun Now Available

August 26, 2010


TruckVault, Inc., leading manufacturer of secure in-vehicle storage systems, is bringing to market the world’s first shotgun solo-vault.

Designed to hold a single shotgun, the ShotLock™ Solo-Vault is the first product designed to keep home defense shotguns both secure and accessible.

Created as an answer to the homeowner’s need to keep a home defense firearm close at hand, “The ShotLock Solo-Vault is the perfect answer for the DIY home defense market,” stated Don Fenton, Sales & Marketing Director at TruckVault, Inc. “More and more people are using a shotgun as a home defense weapon; but there has never been a convenient and secure way to store one, while still keeping it quick and easy to access. The ShotLock Solo-Vault solves that problem.”

Constructed of 14-gauge steel, the ShotLock Solo-Vault stores a single semi-auto, pump or over/under shotgun. The small and compact size allows it to be mounted securely anywhere in the home or a vehicle.

“With its 5-button inline programmable lock, the ShotLock Solo-Vault can be opened and put a weapon in hand in less than 3 seconds,” explained Fenton.

Marketing plans to launch the ShotLock Solo-Vault include print advertising, television spots, Internet ads and sponsorships, an aggressive pricing strategy, and sleek, contemporary point of purchase. The ShotLock Solo-Vault is available online at and at select retailers.

ShotLock™ Solo-Vault Facts
Size: 7.5” x 5.75” x 2.25”
Weight: 4.25 lbs
Suggested Retail: $169
• Accommodates semi-auto, pump and over/under* shotguns
• 1000+ combination programmable push-button lock
• 2 year limited warranty
• 14 gauge steel construction
• Reversible left or right opening door
• Fully adjustable mounting hardware
• Mounts on a wall or in a vehicle, vertically or horizontally
• Made in the USA

About TruckVault, Inc. For more than 15 years, TruckVault has been building secure in-vehicle storage solutions for sportsmen, law enforcement, and commercial use.

TruckVault has been recognized throughout the years as a leader in firearms safety and as a producer of top-quality products, including being granted the shooting Industry Academy of Excellence Award for Accessory of the Year in 1999 and Safety Product of the Year in 2004 and 2006. In 2008, TruckVault was awarded the Cygnus Innovation Award.

Northwest Winners At ICAST

July 27, 2010

Two Northwest fishing tackle manufacturers won best of show awards at the recently concluded ICAST Show in Las Vegas.

Southwest Washington rodmakers Lamiglas won top honors in the rod and reel category for its part in a joint venture with two other U.S. companies on the Fishouflage Bass fishing combo, and G.Loomis took overall best of show and best freshwater rod for its NRX fly rod.

Lamiglas, based in Woodland, built the Fishouflage rod while Ardent, of Macon, Missouri, supplied the baitcasting reel and Outdoor Identities of Greenville, Wisc., creator and licensee of Fishouflage angler patterns which are derived from the freshwater aquatic environment, provided the finish.

The rod is constructed upon a 7-foot, fast-action Certified Pro XC 704 blank. Lamiglas’ most popular bass fishing rod, a custom split-grip handle design advances performance while the Fishouflage Bass finish creates a distinct identity.

John Posey, Lamiglas’ National Sales Manager, sees expanding opportunities for U.S. manufactured products.

“The value proposition continues to change at a rapid rate,” said Posey, “The incredible price differences that used to exist between domestic and imported product have narrowed dramatically. While avid anglers have always shown a preference for the technically-precise performance of U.S. manufactured Lamiglas rods, we’re now able to compete in the mid-range price points that have been driven up by the rising costs of overseas manufacturing.”

The Fishouflage Bass pattern cosmetically richens and unifies the Ardent and Lamiglas product. A mixture of green reeds and coontail, combined with broken grey and brown logs, laid over a natural background, the images of trophy bass hidden in the background are the icing on the cake.

“Our company is driven by identity,” explained Paul Bernegger, president of Outdoor Identities. “Fishouflage patterns serve a consumer base that prides itself on rugged independence. There’s nothing more independent than the American spirit that is the cornerstone of the Ardent, Lamiglas and Fishouflage brands.”

Another big winner was the Stormsuit FXE, which won Best of Show in the Apparel category, made by Frabill, a large advertiser in Northwest Sportsman.

Designed by Chris Leonard, an independent engineer based in Central Minnesota, the jacket-and-bib set builds upon his Snosuit, considered by some to be the benchmark in cold-weather gear for ice fishermen, and is Frabill’s first for open water fishing.

The biggest difference between the two suits, says Leonard, is that input from a team of 50 anglers – including Al Lindner – engineers and Frabill staffers went into refining the original design into the final waterproof, windproof, breathable shell sealed by DuPont™ Teflon® fabric protector.

“A lot of attention went into sealing this suit up to entry points for water,” he says.

Leonard also borrowed an idea from his firefighting gear – he’s a volunteer for the Crosslake Fire Department – for the Stormsuit’s bibs. “A cam buckle allows you to get in and out of the suit without having to unbuckle.”

But perhaps the Stormsuit’s most innovative design can be found at the crotch.

“Our patent-pending design … is a completely waterproof crotch and you’re able to take a pit stop without taking everything off,” Leonard says.

Think of the latter feature as dry-bag technology meets elephant trunk.

“Unroll the tube, pee, roll up and velcro back up,” he says. “Frabill broke the mold with this design.”

Other ICAST New Product Showcase Award Winners included:

Electronics: Lowrance-Navico for the Lowrance Elite-5 DSI

Eyewear: Maui Jim Sunglasses for the Guy Harvey Collection

Fishing Accessory: Adventure Products, Inc. for the EGO S2 Slider Landing Net

Giftware: Boating Expressions, Inc. for the Fishfenders

Kids Tackle: Pure Fishing for the Pflueger-Spinning Combo-Apprentice

Line: Rapala for the Sufix 832 Advanced Superline

Soft Lure: Koppers Fishing & Tackle Corporation for the Live Target Hollow Body Frog

Hard Lure: Shimano American Corporation for the Waxwing Sub-Surface Swimming Jig

Marine: Minn Kota-Johnson Outdoors, Inc. for the Talon-Shallow Water Anchor

Freshwater Reel: Shimano American Corporation for the Stella FE

Saltwater Reel: Shimano American Corporation for the Trinidad A

Saltwater Rod: Shimano American Corporation for the Terez

Tackle Management: HYI, Inc. for the Openwater Tackle

BackpackTerminal Tackle: Sebile Innovative Fishing for the Soft Weight System

Pautzke Adds 5th Color in Nectar Line

June 30, 2010

Pautzke Bait Company announced today that it’s adding a fifth color to its Nectar line of liquid bait enhancement products, just in time for the height of summer steelhead and salmon fishing seasons.

“Due to high demand … we’ve decided to come out with purple Nectar,” says Chris Shaffer, the Ellensburg, Wash., company’s director of operations, in an email to outdoor media. “It’ll be ready to ship and available in about two to three weeks.”

Other colors already available include original (red), blue, yellow and orange.

Nectar is made from cooked salmon eggs — the natural juice that runs off the Pautzke patented egg-cooking process — and can be squirted straight onto bait and lures or soaked in baits. In areas where chumming is legal the Nectar is often mixed in with sour milk, grains and bran.

“It’s no different than the other Nectars,” says Shaffer of the new shade, “but does do a great job dying things purple, i.e. prawns, coon shrimp, anchovies, herring, octopus, alewives, etc. Those of you fishing inland Chinook in California can use it to dye and scent the baits you are trolling for kings too.”

The addition should help anglers otherwise trying to create purple tint by mixing other colors.

WA Special Hunt Permit Aps, Sales Up Sharply

June 24, 2010

Earlier today we posted news that WDFW’s fishing license revenues jumped by over $2 million in the 2009-10 license year as the agency sold nearly 940,000 freshwater, saltwater, combo, shellfish and other permits.

A reader on our Facebook page wondered about how special hunting permit sales went, so we got back with a source at WDFW who just emailed us this:

“I’m pleased to tell you that we sold 230,000 special hunt permits this year, raising $1.1 million,” says Craig Bartlett, a spokesman in Olympia. “That’s up from 125,000 permits and $654,000 last year.”

Applicants are now allowed to make more choices than ever when applying to hunt deer, elk and other big game. In previous years, hunters could only apply for all deer — buck or antlerless — on one application, but this year, they could apply for bucks on one, antlerless on another.

Each application costs $6.50 for residents, $4.10 for youth under 16 years of age and $60.50 for non-residents.

“All of those additional revenues will be used to increase hunter access to private lands and improve habitat for game animals,” WDFW game division manager Dave Ware said. “We’ve already started working with landowners around the state to achieve those goals.”

Bartlett promises a news release later today.

WDFW Coffers Get Boost During Recession

June 24, 2010

Just as their angling brethren south of the Columbia took to the water when the economy tanked, so too did Washington fishermen — and WDFW’s coffers benefitted by a couple million bucks.

A whopping 939,455 bought fishing permits of all kinds during the April 1, 2009-March 31, 2010 license year, a 14 percent jump over the year before, and the most going back to at least 2001-2002, according to state figures obtained by Northwest Sportsman today.

“Whether that’s due to the economy, a new-found appreciation of fishing or a combination of factors is anyone’s guess,” says WDFW spokesman Craig Bartlett in Olympia.

While the statewide unemployment rate in 2009 was 8.9 percent, last summer saw very large returns of pink salmon to Puget Sound, coho to the Skagit River, and silvers and steelhead to the Columbia River system.

In fact, so many steelies returned to the upper Columbia and Southeast Washington that fishery managers required anglers keep every single hatchery fish they caught on the former and boosted limits to five a day on the latter.

Oregon, of course, shared in much of that same fishing bounty, and ODFW also saw best-of-the-decade freshwater resident fishing license sales during the state’s Jan. 1-Dec. 31 license year.

Even with unemployment as high as 11.6 percent, the agency sold 303,267, 30,000 more than the next closest year, 2007, when unemployment bottomed out in the low 5s, and 50,000 more than the lowest license sales year, 2005, when 6 percent were laid off.

Interestingly, the 2005-06 license year also saw the lowest sales of the decade in Washington too, 768,593, according to state stats.

The Idaho Department of Fish & Game reported their highest fishing license sales since 1999, nearly 473,600 last year as well.

The nearly 940,000 licenses Washington sold include freshwater, saltwater, combo, shellfish and other permits, and raised $20.4 million, nearly $2 million more than the next closest year, 2004-05, and $2.7 million more than 2009-09. A 10 percent surcharge approved by the state Legislature that went into effect late last July probably contributed to the total, though how much is unclear.

In WDFW’s $432 million 2007-09 operating and capital budgets, user fees such as commercial and recreational fishing and hunting licenses, fines and forfeitures, etc., contributed $65.8 million. The Federal government pumped in $128.7 million, the state general fund $110.4 million, and the balance came from local revenues, bonds and other sources.

Commercial and recreational fishing and hunting license fees,
fines and forfeitures, and miscellaneous revenue.

Group Hails ‘Salmon Stimulus Plan’

June 7, 2010

It wasn’t just ODFW that benefited financially from increased fish runs in the Northwest. A regional angling organization says the “Salmon Stimulus Plan” has helped out a number of businesses during otherwise difficult economic times.

“Boat sales are improving, which is helping regional boat builders and dealers,” says the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association. “Retail tackle sales have been brisk. Rod, reel and tackle manufacturers are ramping up, adding workforce and looking forward to a much better year. And fishing guides, hotels, restaurants have all been the beneficiaries of fishing opportunity that provided much-needed stimulus to those businesses that depend on salmon and steelhead fishing opportunity around the region.”

While 2009 saw Oregon unemployment as high as 11.6 percent, according to the state Employment Department, ODFW sold the most fishing licenses of the decade, 303,267, 30,000 more than the next closest year, 2007, when unemployment bottomed out in the low 5s, we reported in May.

According to the press release, one two-store Portland outdoors store began “seeing significant gains in business volume” around the time the Buoy 10 Chinook and coho fishery at the mouth of the Columbia started picking up steam.

“It really hasn’t slowed down,” added Dan Grogan, president of Fisherman’s Marine & Outdoor, in a press release statement. “Fall fishing was OK, but the winter steelhead fishery this past January, February and March along with the anticipation of a large return of spring Chinook kept people coming through our doors and spending money. I can’t stress how important these fisheries are to our business and all of our vendors’ businesses … it’s huge.”

As for boat sales, uncertainty with the spring Chinook fishery last year combined with a severe economic downturn produced a “punishing one-two blow” to Stevens Marine in Portland, said president Paul Mayer.

“The fact is, that when there’s meaningful fishing opportunity for salmon and steelhead in the Northwest we sell boats – lots of them,” he stated in the release.

The same good fishing last summer seems to have carried over to this year and has anglers thinking about buying boats again, Mayer said.

“Followed by the news that spring Chinook fishing was expected to be good – that really tipped the market over and we’ve seen a much better business climate and results in 2010 than we had in 2009,” he said.

This year’s expectations are also high, starting with the first Chinook fishery in two years off most of the Oregon coast, a very large forecasted summer steelhead run up the Columbia as well as over a month of fishing for summer kings in the big river.

“We’ve dubbed this year ‘The salmon stimulus plan,’ thanks to consistently good fishing that is putting hundreds of people back to work and creating important business opportunities that had been lost the past couple of years,” said Liz Hamilton, NSIA’s executive director.

She hoped Oregon legislators would see the economic benefits the fisheries were generating, “literally tens of millions of dollars to this state and millions more in added tax base, and move quickly to assure the future of these iconic Columbia Basin salmon runs that feed so many communities.”

Hamilton said the state’s leadership in pushing for spilling more water in the Columbia River to aid the downstream passage of salmon and steelhead smolts and fishing policies and seasons that produce big returns “really does pay off.”

NSIA Psyched For Summer Kings — And Not Just The Fishing

June 5, 2010


On June 16, the mainstem Columbia River from the Astoria Bridge at the mouth to Priest Rapids Dam will open for a full season of summer Chinook fishing with a mark select fishery that is scheduled to last through the opening of the Fall Chinook fishery on August l.

In a mark-select fishery, hatchery fish-which have had their adipose fin removed-may be retained. Wild summer Chinook will be release unharmed. This will not only provide more protection of wild fish, mark-select fisheries nearly double the length of the time sport anglers can spend on the water.

Because of low return numbers, sport fishing for summer Chinook ended in 1974 and did not reopen until 2002. In 2005, the states agreed to a fishery that was catch and kill of wild summer Chinook. That decision was opposed by NSIA and the majority of sport clubs, but supported by the gillnet fleet.

NSIA has since advocated that anglers voluntarily release wild summer Chinook, and retain the adipose marked hatchery salmon, while urging the responsible agencies to prohibit retention of wild summer Chinook.

In 2002, a selective sport season provided the Northwest with the economic and cultural benefits of nearly 55,000 angler trips in less than six weeks. In contrast, the catch-and-kill wild fish policy in effect in 2007 translated into 28,000 angler trips.

Mark-select fisheries can help keep hatchery fish off spawning beds, provide more protections to wild fish and dramatically increase the economic benefits sport fisheries provide to communities.

Today’s summer Chinook are remnants of a huge race of salmon, once known as “June Hogs” for their size and strength. June Hogs, known to reach up to 70 pounds, were nearly eliminated when most of their spawning and rearing grounds were blocked by the building of the Grand Coulee Dam and from overfishing.

“It’s gratifying to know that in 2010, more wild summer Chinook will reach their spawning beds in the upper Columbia and its tributaries. Some of these mighty salmon enter the Columbia in May and June and end up spawning in Canada via the Okanogan River. It’s a real testament to the tenacity of wild fish and their genetics” said Liz Hamilton, executive director of the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association.

Buzz Ramsey, brand manager for Yakima Bait, added, “Although summer Chinook come in all sizes, they often average 25 to 35 pounds and can reach weights of 40 pounds or more. These salmon pass close to the homes of many Northwest residents, sustaining rural jobs as they move up the Columbia. And summer Chinook are accessible to those fishing from the bank or a boat. Since the reopening of this fishery in 2002 after a 29-year fishing closure, this has become a favorite fishery for many Northwest residents, including me and my family!”

Hamilton finished: “Given the unemployment rates in Oregon and Washington, having a full summer Chinook fishery, followed on August 1, by nearly three-quarters of a million fall Chinook, returns will punctuate that sportfishing means business. Policies that create full sport fisheries sustain jobs in every corner of the Northwest.”

2 More Scientists Join NSIA Board

June 3, 2010


Retired scientists, Dr. Douglas DeHart and Dan Diggs have been appointed to the Science and Policy Board for the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA), bringing the number of science professionals to six.

The newly expanded advisory board lends accumulative career experience of over 230 years in natural resource and fishery management expertise to NSIA.

The Science and Policy Board advises the Board, staff and Government Affairs directors on the scientific and regulatory management implications prior to the development of industry policy positions.  NSIA science advisors are unpaid volunteers.

Dan Diggs joins NSIA after a 35-year career at US Fish and Wildlife Service, retiring as the Fisheries Program Assistant Regional Director responsible for all aspects of Fisheries Program in Pacific Region.  Of great value to NSIA is his most recent focus on hatchery reform efforts throughout the Northwest, Columbia River Basin endangered species adjudication issues, development of National Fish Habitat initiatives in the Northwest, U.S. vs. Oregon policy issues, and as the FWS representative to the Columbia Basin Federal Caucus.

Mr. Digg’s latest honor was the February 2010 Oregon Chapter of American Fisheries Society’s Award of Merit for career long advancement of the principles of science in managing fisheries programs.

Dan is married, an avid angler and conservationist, with two sons and three grandchildren.

Dr. Douglas DeHart is a familiar face in Oregon natural resource management with 35 years of state and federal fishery agency experience, much of that in the Columbia Basin.

Dr. DeHart received his B.S. in Biology from Harvard University, M.S. in Fisheries from Oregon State University, and Ph.D. in Fisheries from the University of Washington.  His expertise spans fishery research, hatchery operations and reforms, and habitat restoration programs.

Career positions have included fishery research coordinator for the Corps of Engineers Portland, Bioengineering Chief for National Marine Fisheries Service, Chief of Fisheries for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and senior fishery biologist at the US Fish and Wildlife Service. He has special expertise in the design, operation, and evaluation of fish passage and screening facilities and was recently appointed by the Director to the Fish Screening Task Force for Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Doug is an avid boater, has two grown sons, and maintains a small consulting firm in Oregon City.

Chair and coordinator of NSIA’s Science and Policy Board, Rod Sando welcomed the two new partners.

“It is a pleasure to apply our collective experience and knowledge to an organization at the forefront of fishery management issues in the northwest.  We welcome these extremely competent people to the science board.  This greatly strengthens the qualifications on the NSIA bench, enabling us to be even more effective in the future,”  said Sando.

June Shooting Events In NE WA Announced

June 3, 2010

Billed as the 1st Annual Northeast Washington Ultimate Shooting Events, the public is invited to a weekend of shooting competition and instruction June 13 in Colville, while members of a local NWTF chapter can also compete in a weekend-long coyote hunt in Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille Counties with cash prizes plus a raffle varmint rifle.

Sponsored by the Colville Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, Remington Arms, Marlin Firearms and Washington For Wildlife, the shooting events will be held at the Colville Gun Club.

“The purpose of this event is to provide fun and exciting events for all levels and types of shooters,” says a press release sent out by one of the organizers, Dale Denney of Bearpaw Outfitters.

Burgers, drinks and snacks will be sold by a local 4-H shooting team which is raising money to compete at
the National 4-H Shooting Competition in late June.

If you preregister by June 7th, it’s free and insures your entry in the free events, and if you participate in at least one of the Remington shooting events and are present for the drawing at 5:00 p.m. June 13, you
will be eligible to win a $100 early bird prize.

The coyote hunt features cash prizes for the four teams who turn in the most coyotes while all participants have a chance to win a Remington Tactical Varmint Rifle donated by Remington Arms.

Coyote hunters who pre-register by June 7 will also be eligible to win the $100 Early Bird Raffle. To compete, you must be a member of the Colville chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and register by 9 p.m. Friday, June 11. Late entries will not be accepted. Interested hunters are encouraged to join the Colville Chapter; membership is only $50.

The lineup includes:

Coyote Hunting Competition
When: June 12-13
Cost: Free, but Colville NWTF chapter membership required (join for $50)
Where: Hunt anywhere in Stevens, Ferry and Pend Oreille Counties
Prizes: Remington Varmint Rifle, cash for top 4 teams, $100 early bird raffle
More info:

Remington / Marlin Free Shooting Events
When: June 13
Cost: Free
Where: Colville Gun Club (3 mile east of Colville on Highway 20)
Prizes: Remington baseball caps and promotional gear
More info:

Ultimate Shooting Competition
When: June 13
Cost: $20 per event (categories: pistol, rifle, bow, muzzleloader, shotgun)
Where: Colville Gun Club (3 mile east of Colville on Highway 20)
Prizes: 70% cash payback on each 4- or 5-person event, 5% Ultimate Shooter Cash Purse from all events.
More info:

Remington / Marlin Free Shooting Clinic
When: June 13
Cost: Free
Where: Colville Gun Club (3 mile east of Colville on Hwy 20)
Prizes: None, this is an opportunity for individuals to learn how to shoot Remington guns and ammo under professional supervision.
More info:

Mixed News On Boat Sales Front

May 26, 2010

Boat buying tanked when the recession bit in the Northwest — but hope is on the horizon for dealers.

New figures from the National Marine Manufacturers Association show that new jet, inboard and outboard boats, engines, trailers and accessory sales dropped 13.3 percent in Alaska between 2008 and 2009, 15.9 percent in Washington, 18.3 percent in Idaho, 18.7 percent in Oregon and 21.2 percent in Montana.

“Last year was the worst year of all time,” said one salesman who calls on numerous boat dealers around the Northwest.

That said, first quarter 2010 data from NMMA also shows a nationwide slowing in the sales declines of new powerboats – down 12 percent compared to a decline of 35 percent during the first quarter 2009 – as well as a 2 percent increase in boat services such as repairs/services, storage, insurance, taxes and interest payments worth $6.3 billion.

Sales of pre-owned powerboats increased 7.7 percent to 780,300 and increased 5.4 percent in dollars for a retail value of $8.5 billion in 2009 too.

Leading this new-boat sales recovery are small aluminum outboard boats, says a press release from NMMA. Sales of those in the 18-foot range increased 30 percent during the first quarter 2010.

The jump is said to provide an early indicator that a recovery in new boat sales is coming — though the rise was most pronounced east of the Rockies.

“Consumer spending and consumer confidence increases in March and April have helped boost new aluminum outboard powerboat sales, leading a recovery for the recreational boating industry as overall new powerboat sales declines slow,” says Thom Dammrich, president of NMMA, in a press release. “This growth can signal a return of the entry-level boater and the outdoors enthusiast and angler to boating and overall growing trend in fishing.”

The top ten states for aluminum boat sales last year were, in order, Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois and Georgia.

“We anticipate 2010 new powerboat sales to remain flat with 2009 as the economic indicators that impact our industry – consumer confidence, housing and credit markets, as well as unemployment— start to improve and open the door for boat sales to begin increasing in 2011 and 2012,” notes Dammrich. “The growth in the aluminum outboard boat market is consistent with recent trends showing increased fishing license sales and is an indicator of the beginning of a turnaround for new boat sales. Consumer spending has been increasing for seven months and recreational boating will get its share of new consumer spending as the economy continues to recover.”

That would be good news for Northwest boat dealers such as Three Rivers Marine & Tackle, Auburn Sports & Marine, Master Marine, Boat Country, Bob Feil, Lake Union Sea Ray, Verle’s and Valley Marine in Washington and Stevens Marine, Sigler’s Marine and Y Marine in Oregon, among other outlets for Wooldridges, Alumawelds, Hewescraft, Arimas and more.

Washington boaters of all types spent $338,733,741 on their watercraft, engines, trailers and more in 2009, down from $402,881,675 in 2008 and well off 2005’s $638,026,034.

Oregon recorded $148,255,108 in sales last year, down from $182,273,601 the previous year and a high of $404,682,021 in 2004.

However, at the same time, Beaver State anglers didn’t let the recession stop them from fishing. They purchased over 303,000 licenses in 2009 , the most in the 2000s, despite unemployment of up to 11.2 percent.

Elsewhere in the region, California boat and accessory sales were off by nearly 30 percent, Utah’s by 33.8 percent.

In the national survey, only one state, Iowa, showed an increase last year, up 3.5 percent.

Sig Sauer Joins Ranks Of Many NWS Advertisers On Facebook

May 17, 2010

With the mushrooming growth of Facebook, it should come as no surprise that those in the fishing and hunting world are showing up on the site. For instance, Northwest Sportsman.

We joined back in February, but this past weekend, SIG SAUER officially got on board. The New Hampshire-based company, which makes firearms for military, law enforcement and commercial use, and which advertises in our magazine, made the announcement during last weekend’s NRA annual meeting in Charlotte.

“With the explosion of Social Media over the past few years as a way to directly interact with your customers, a decision was made at SIG SAUER to join the revolution and open a Facebook Fan Page,” the company said in a press release. “The goal of the page is to create a place for fans to interact directly with the company and with other enthusiasts, where they can discuss and review SIG’s various products, its shooting team, Academy and learn about upcoming events.”

Bud Fini, SIG SAUER’s vice president of marketing said his company’s excited about tapping into the site.

“Companies around the world are beginning to realize the benefits of connecting directly with their customers through social media platforms, including Facebook,” he says.

You can find their fan page by typing in SIGSAUERInc on Facebook’s search page.

And that got us to wondering, what other Northwest Sportsman advertisers could you can find on Facebook? So we started punching in company names and found:

Pautzke Bait Company

Three Rivers Marine & Tackle

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Dick Nite Spoons

Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association

Brandon Glass of Team Hook-up Guide Service

Ocean Charters



Pavati Marine

Stevens Marine

Lyons Ferry Marina

Honda Marine

Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Nootka Sound Resort



Michelle Nelson Taxidermy

Wholesale Sports


Doug’s Boats & Outdoor

Bearpaw Outfitters

Bonneville Power Administration

Silverthorn Resort

Shandy & Sons Charters

Wild Strawberry Lodge/Alaska Premier Charters

Togiak River Lodge

Fred Meyer

Cabela’s Coming To Eugene Area

May 4, 2010

Cabela’s today announced plans to open a store in Springfield, Ore., next year, according to a press release from the company.

The Beaver State’s first Cabela’s, the 58,000-square-foot facility will be located in the Gateway Mall at 3000 Gateway Street.

Construction is expected to begin in mid-August.

The Sidney, Nebraska-based company has three other stores in the Northwest; Lacey, Wash. (185,000 square feet), Boise (175,000 sq. ft.) and Post Falls (125,000 sq. ft.), Idaho.

The new store will include an aquarium, conservation-themed wildlife displays and trophy animal mounts as well as a gun library, fly fishing shop, general store and bargain cave.

For the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, it presents another group to work with as it tries to get more folks outside.

“Cabela’s brings a strong tradition of supporting hunting, fishing and camping through clinics and classes. We look forward to possibly partnering with them to get people outdoors,” says David Lane, the agency’s marketing coordinator in Salem.

RMEF Vols Impact 1 Acre Of Wildlife Habitat Every 6 Hours

April 13, 2010

Volunteers for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation are helping to enhance or conserve one acre of wildlife habitat for every six hours worked, according to a press release today from the Missoula-based conservation organization.

The stats were released ahead of National Volunteer Appreciation Week, April 18-24, 2010, first designated in 1974.

“Our organization depends on volunteers who are passionate about conserving elk country, and we do our best to deliver efficient, measurable, on-the-ground results. I’m proud of our numbers over the past year,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO.

According to RMEF, the organization has more than 10,000 volunteers nationwide who conservatively average 80 hours of donated labor a year, everything from coordinating banquets and other fundraising events to assisting wildlife and land managers by building wildlife watering devices, conducting elk research, removing unneeded fencing and countless other jobs.

Last year, the 800,000 hours of donated labor conserved or enhanced 132,000 acres of habitat for elk and other wildlife.

“Together we’re impacting more than just habitat for elk and other wildlife. We’re also ensuring a future for the experiences and lifestyles and values that are borne of elk hunting,” Allen said.

Since launching in 1984, RMEF has tallied 5.7 million acres of mostly public-land habitat enhanced or conserved, and 585,000 acres opened or secured for public hunting.

R.I.P. Marlin North Haven, Conn.

March 26, 2010

Word from the other end of the U.S. today has it that the North Haven, Conn., plant of venerable Marlin Firearms is closing.

“As far as we thought we thought we were doing good, and then it was like boom,” said a worker interviewed by local TV media outside the facility after a company meeting this afternoon.

The announcement affects over 250 employees, and begins in May with final plant closure in June 2011.

Marlin was bought by Remington which was in turn bought by Freedom Group, which owns a mess of gun and ammo brands.

The Associated Press reports that a Freedom Group spokesman provided the following explanation for the move:

“Although long term prospects of the business look positive, economic factors beyond Freedom Group’s control related to increasing costs and pricing pressures within the firearms industry are impacting the entire Freedom Group of companies.”

Reports from Field & Stream and Outdoor Life blogs indicate that while the plant is closing, the manufacture of Marlin rifles will continue at a new location.

RMEF Fires Back On Wolf Groups’ ‘Disingenuous’ Use Of Its Data

February 26, 2010


In letters to legislators and newspapers across the West, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation is calling out groups like Defenders of Wildlife, Western Wildlife Conservancy and others for their disingenuous use of data on wolves and elk.

The RMEF action was prompted by each group’s recent op-ed articles in the media, as well as testimony before Utah lawmakers by Western Wildlife Conservancy Executive Director Kirk Robinson. All cited RMEF statistics to argue that restored wolf populations have somehow translated to growing elk herds in the northern Rockies.

“The theory that wolves haven’t had a significant adverse impact on some elk populations is not accurate. We’ve become all too familiar with these groups’ tactic of cherry-picking select pieces of information to support their own agenda, even when it is misleading,” said David Allen, RMEF president and CEO. “We will not allow that claim to go unchallenged.”

RMEF population data, which come from state wildlife agencies, show that elk populations are expanding the most in areas of the northern Rockies where wolves are not present.

However, where elk share habitat with wolves, such as the greater Yellowstone area, some elk populations are declining fast. In fact, since the mid-1990s introduction of gray wolves, the northern Yellowstone elk herd has dropped from about 17,000 to 7,100 animals – a 58 percent decline. Other localities in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming also are documenting precipitous downward trends.

Additionally, some research shows that elk remaining in areas of concentrated wolf populations are suffering nutrition loss, lower body weights and decreasing birth rates.

Allen said, “Every wildlife conservation agency, both state and federal, working at ground zero of wolf restoration – Idaho, Montana and Wyoming — has abundant data to demonstrate how undermanaged wolf populations can compromise local elk herds and local livestock production. There’s just no dispute, and emotion-over-science is not the way to professionally manage wildlife.”

RMEF continues to support state-regulated wolf management to include hunting and other viable methods. This position is supported by new reports of diseased wolf populations in the Yellowstone area.

“When wolves are too abundant, they’re more susceptible to diseases, just like all wildlife. The viruses and mange now spreading through wolf packs is another sign of way too many wolves,” said Allen. “Defenders of Wildlife would like to spin sick wolves as a reason to end hunting. But real conservationists know that diseased wildlife populations need better management. Hunting as a management tool delivers that, period.”

He added, “Remember, pro-wolf groups make their living by prolonging this conflict. There is no real incentive for them to admit that wolves are overly recovered. Fundraising is their major motive and they’ve built a goldmine by filing lawsuits and preaching that nature will find its own equilibrium between predators and prey if man would just leave it alone. That’s a myth. The truth is that people are the most important part of the equation. This isn’t the Wild West anymore. People live here – actually quite a lot of us. So our land and resources must be managed. Wildlife must be managed. Radical spikes and dips in populations show that we should be doing it better. It’s not profitable for plaintiffs, but the rest of us would be better served if the conflict ended and conservation professionals were allowed to get on with their business of managing wildlife, including a well regulated hunting strategy.”

In 2009, RMEF got involved in the ongoing wolf litigation, supporting defendant agencies by filing legal briefs used in federal court to help delist wolves and proceed with hunting – “facts conveniently ignored by groups who misuse our name, data and credibility to prolong the conflict. We stand for elk and other wildlife and what is happening right now is simply not good wildlife management,” said Allen.

Poker, For A Cause

February 24, 2010

Got a good poker face, know the difference between a royal and straight flush, AND want to benefit Northwest sport fishing advocates?

You, my friend, may be perfect for the 1st Annual Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association Poker Tournament Fundraiser, presented by Three Rivers Marine & Tackle in Woodinville, Wash.

The event will be held March 5. It’s limited to 80 players, and seating begins at 6 p.m., shuffle up and deal at 7 p.m.

Buy-in is $100. All benefits go to the NSIA.

A partial list of the prizes include York Central AC Unit (installed), Silver Horde tackle package, private guided duck hunt, Scotty 1106 Electric Downrigger, a Sandy River steelhead trip, custom graphics, Sypher Custom Foot Orthotics, Lamiglas Rods and Yakima Bait tackle bags.

Sponsors include Three Rivers Marine, G. Loomis Rods, Daiwa Reels, Dick Nite Spoons, Trevor’s Guide Service, All Sports, Bob’s Heating & Air, Posey Company and Yakima Bait.

Three Rivers is located at 24300 Woodinville Snohomish Road, Woodinville, 98072. For more, call (425) 415-1575.

RMEF Projects In OR, WA Announced

February 24, 2010


Wildlife conservation projects in 12 Oregon and 17 Washington counties have been selected to receive grants from the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in 2010.

In the Beaver State, funding totaling $153,500 will affect Benton, Crook, Curry, Deschutes, Douglas, Grant, Harney, Lane, Lincoln, Linn, Union and Wallowa counties.

In the Evergreen State, $186,270 will go towards projects in Asotin, Chelan, Columbia, Ferry, Garfield, Jefferson, King, Kittitas, Lincoln, Pacific, Pierce, Pend Oreille, Skamania, Spokane, Stevens, Whitman and Yakima counties.

RMEF president and CEO David Allen said the grants are possible because of the successful banquets and fundraisers staged over the past year by volunteers in Washington and Oregon, “most of whom are elk hunters as well as devoted conservationists.”

Since 1984, RMEF annual grants have helped complete 433 different projects in Washington with a combined value of more than $101 million, 633 different projects in Oregon with a combined value of more than $36 million, he says.

RMEF grants will help fund the following projects, listed by county:

Asotin County, Wash.: Reduce decadent grasses and improve elk forage by prescribed burning 932 acres in the Dry Fork area of Umatilla National Forest; use herbicide to treat noxious weeds on 995 acres and re-seed native grasses on 200 acres in the Lower Grande Ronde River corridor; treat noxious weeds scattered throughout 60,640-acre Blue Mountains Wildlife Area Complex (also affects Garfield and Columbia counties); treat noxious weeds on 300 acres in the Grande Ronde River breaks to improve native forage and encourage elk to use public lands rather than private-land hayfields to the north; treat 250 acres of invasive weeds as part of an early detection rapid response program; treat 425 acres of weeds in the Snake River canyonlands; treat 200 acres of noxious weeds in the Meyer Ridge area.

Crook County, Ore.: Thin 575 acres of juniper encroachment in meadows and aspen stands, treat noxious weeds on 160 acres, and restore riparian habitat along 2 miles of stream in the Deep Creek area of Ochoco National Forest; hand-cut and burn 400 acres of encroaching juniper in the Maury Mountains area of Ochoco National Forest.

Curry County, Ore.: Prescribe burn 129 acres, and re-seed native grasses on 20 acres, to maintain forage areas for elk and other wildlife in the Wildhorse Prairie area of Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest.

Deschutes County, Ore.: Thin conifer from willow and aspen stands, prescribe burn 15 acres and treat noxious weeds on 5 acres in Tumalo Creek area of Deschutes National Forest.

Douglas County, Ore.: Create 20 acres of forage openings and plant shrubs on 93 acres to improve 113 acres of habitat for elk in the Umpqua National Forest.

Ferry County, Wash.: Prescribed burn 550 acres of elk winter range to reduce hazardous fuels and improve grasses, forbs and shrubs in Colville National Forest.

Grant County, Ore.: Rehab 100 acres of meadow habitat used by foraging elk and deer in the Rudio Mountain area; thin encroaching conifer to restore 150 acres of meadow in the Logan Valley area of Malheur National Forest; remove juniper to promote sagebrush and bitterbrush growth on 1,235 acres in the Murderer’s Creek area of Malheur National Forest and state lands; re-seed native grasses on 880 acres in the Chrome Ridge area; thin 270 acres, construct fencing around 2 acres of aspen stands, treat noxious weeds and reconstruct two springs in Ochoco National Forest.

Harney County, Ore.: Enhance habitat for elk and other wildlife by repairing wildlife drinking stations, collecting native shrub seeds, reseeding habitat areas and employing livestock practices to control noxious weeds in the Egley wildfire area of Malheur National Forest; thin encroaching conifer on 160 acres, replace fencing around aspen stands and develop five ponds or wildlife drinking stations in the Pine Creek area of Malheur National Forest.

Kittitas County, Wash.: Provide funding for Green Dot Access Management Program projects managed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (also affects Chelan, King, Jefferson, Pierce and Yakima counties).

Lane County, Ore.: Improve forage for elk by removing encroaching conifer and noxious weeds to restore 283 acres of meadows in Willamette National Forest; treat noxious weeds and re-seed native grasses on 100 acres, and rejuvenate browse on 102 acres, in the Foley Ridge area of Willamette National Forest; thin and prescribe burn 112 acres and re-seed native grasses in the Chucksney and Grasshopper meadows area of Willamette National Forest; prescribe burn 56 acres, plant oak seedlings on 40 acres, and re-seed native grasses on 200 acres in the Jim’s Creek area of Willamette National Forest; mechanically treat noxious weeds and re-seed native grasses on 500 acres in the Siuslaw National Forest (also affects Benton, Douglas and Lincoln counties).

Linn County, Ore.: Remove encroaching trees from meadow complexes used year-round by foraging elk in the Lodgepole Flats area of Willamette National Forest; create 40 acres of forage openings in the Yellowstone Creek area of BLM lands.

Pacific County, Wash.: Improve forage for elk, dusky Canada geese and other wildlife by treating noxious weeds, cultivating, applying lime, fertilizing, seeding and mowing on 200 acres at Chinook Wildlife Area.

Pend Oreille County, Wash.: Enhance meadow habitat for elk by thinning 96 acres of encroaching forest and installing fencing to protect aspen stands in the Pend Oreille Valley area of Colville National Forest; prescribed burn 200 acres to improve forage in the Upper Middle Fork of Calispell Creek area of Colville National Forest; rejuvenate browse species by prescribed burning 90 acres in the Lost Creek area of Colville National Forest.

Skamania County, Wash.: Thin encroaching conifers on 617 acres to promote forage for elk and other wildlife in the Wind River area of Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

Spokane County, Wash.: Capture and radio-collar 20 elk for a research project to study elk movement patterns and habitat use in response to a new hunt program at Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge (also affects Whitman and Lincoln counties).

Stevens County, Wash.: Prescribed burn 200 acres to reduce conifers and improve grassland habitat for elk in Colville National Forest.

Union County, Ore.: Control noxious weeds, re-seed native grasses and develop water sources for elk and other wildlife on 705 acres near Ladd Marsh Wildlife Management Area.

Wallowa County, Ore.: Treat 828 acres of noxious weeds to improve forage for elk along the Grande Ronde and Imnaha river corridors (also affects Union County).