May 1: Start of pikeminnow sport reward fishery on lower Columbia and Snake rivers. Info: Start of open and limited halibut seasons off Oregon as well as Washington’s Marine Area 1.
May 3: Limited halibut season begins in Washington’s Marine Area 2.
May 9: Columbia estuary sturgeon opener, 41-inch minimum fork length.
May 14: Washington’s Marine areas 3, 4 limited halibut season opens.
May 14-16, 21-23, 28-30: Oregon all-depth halibut fishery between Cape Falcon and Humbug Mountain.
May 16: General fishing opener for Montana rivers, streams and some lakes.
May 17: Last day of Montana spring turkey hunt.
May 20: Due date for Washington special permit hunt applications – one month earlier than in recent years.
May 21: Washington’s Marine Area 5 halibut fishery opens.
May 23: General fishing opener for Idaho rivers and streams and unnamed irrigation diversion ponds, beaver ponds and mill ponds on them.
May 25: Last day of Idaho spring turkey hunt.
May 31: Last day for turkey hunting in Washington and Oregon, and last day for spring bear hunting in Montana.

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