Hi, thanks for your interest in the online version of Northwest Sportsman magazine! We’re both put together in the same location, Seattle, and focus on the same region, the great Pacific Northwest states of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and Alaska! Our crew is all local — the editor and primary sales staff are Northwest natives, and all our writers live, play and work in the areas we write about! To contact us, call 206-382-9220 or email andy@nwsportsmanmag.com. Thanks!

4 Responses to “About”

  1. lorrina Says:

    would like pat abels herring recipe
    thank you.

  2. steve Says:

    I bought your mag at a Chevron station. Is it only online or can I buy a hardcopy subscription?

    • Andy Walgamott Says:

      Hi, Steve. You CAN buy a subscription by calling us at 800-332-1736. Katie, Audra or Lois can set you up for subscription. They’re $29.95 for 12 issues/1 year, $39.95 for 24 issues/2 years. At past sportsmen’s shows, we’ve had them for $20 for one year, $30 for two years.

      I don’t post much from the mag to the Web, or take Web posts and put them in the mag, so you’re basically getting two different products.


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