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Really, Stop Coming Here, Please!

September 1, 2011

I’ve gotta hand it to you: You are persistent, checking for updates on this page. Sometimes that can be a good trait. Take ad sales, for example.

But really, like I said before, I’m not going to be posting any new blogs over here.

It’s now all over at

What have you been missing out on over there?

Here are some recent headlines:

Week On The Water Yields Plenty, Fun
Humpies Slayed, Smoked
Great Season At Buoy 10
Pinks Arrive, Wolves, Poachers, Discover Pass
Brian Lull Loves Humpies, Or, Hump-ageddon 2011 Begins
Floor: Get Ready For September ‘Salmon Crescendo’
SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report (9-1-11)
Gorgeous Steelhead Image
Pend Oreille Pike Discussed At Meeting

Your time is your own, of course, but I think I’m even going to stop trying to move you towards Some cats you just can’t herd in the right direction (I am example No. 1 on this front, so please don’t take offense).

Anyway, check it out, please.