New Blog Site For Northwest Sportsman

Dearest NWSWordpress Reader,

Perhaps you came to this page today looking for the latest fishing or hunting news from around the Northwest.

Or maybe recent game warden follies (if we could only share what weren’t supposed to receive this morning).

Or changes to the regulations (they’re opening Snake Chinook!?!)

… And look at that, the lazy editor hasn’t posted a single new item since Aug. 19.

Three and a half days!

Eighty-four hours!


Over the weekend, Buoy 10 went completely off the fuh-reakin’ hook — numbers and size; guide Jim Stahl hauled in four 30-pounders on Sunday alone.

Pinks squirmed towards Seattle and Everett in bigger and bigger numbers, and they’re saying it’s the All Time Best Humpy Year out in Sekiu.

ODFW and egg-cure makers reached a voluntary agreement on sulfite levels in the companies’ mojo.

Pugetropolites can’t grasp the crabbing regulations.

Wolves are confirmed in the Mt. Emily Unit in Northeast Oregon.

Rosendo Guerrero handed out 500 grocery bags to anglers on the Puyallup and people are still leaving junk on the river’s banks.

And this page is silent?!

Bereft of comment?!

The editor can’t even manage to post a press release?!?!

What. The. Hell.

Ahem, OK, yeah, it looks like I’m slacking, but here’s the reason: Over the weekend our Tech Dude migrated our WordPress blog onto our revamped Web site,


For the past two and a half years and 1,739 blog entries, we typed here and the verbiage and photos would be posted here and somehow magically appear over there.

Now, we’re typing there and all the content will be published on that page.

Even better, that site now has an archive of all the stories that were here.

Before, they would just  … fall off that page after a couple weeks and be gone forever due to page-load optimizing that set limits on how many articles appeared online at any one time.

It was silly.

For the few folks who subscribed to this WordPress blog, or followed it on their lunch breaks or, heck, obsessively clicked on it through the day, thank you for reading, I do appreciate it.

We had good times, and saw some stories get crazy click counts … and a lot of others that I’ll forever wonder, why did I spend so much time on that?

But not much is going to happen here from now on. Again, the action will instead be over at

Same great (or at least marginally intelligible editor psycho babble) content, just a new home.

R.I.P., NWSWordpress.



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