If It’s A Pink Year, It’s Time To Stock Up On Peterson Pucks

Peterson Manufacturing Company was founded with their first patented product, the Lumber Crayon Holder. They are currently located in Longview, Wash., and since 1924 have been manufacturing quality wood products and continually striving to make things simpler and less expensive for consumers.

And now with their newest product, the Peterson Smoker Pucks, they have done it again. They are able to bring to you a 100-percent wood product that can be used in nearly any type of smoker or grill for adding a wood flavor at a lower cost than any other smoke fuel.

Not only is the cost of this product unrivaled and its ease of use astounding, it is also a byproduct of kiln-dried wood used in manufacturing and contains no binders or release agents, which makes it the cleanest smoking product on the market. These factors give birth to product of significant value.

With the Peterson Pucks, anyone operating a smoker can load up a typical chip pan with up to six pucks (though three or four is usually all that is needed) and never have to change the pan to add more smoke. The pucks will transfer heat to one another, so for longer lasting smoke, stack them two deep.

On a barbecue, be it gas, propane or charcoal, one Peterson Smoker Puck can add a wood smoke flavor by being placed directly on the grate, in a smoker box, in tin foil or a tuna can near the flame. Peterson Pucks can also be used in lieu of charcoal as your primary cooking fuel.

Peterson Smoker Pucks are also able to self-sustain. This makes cold smoking possible by turning off your heat source once the pucks are emitting a good amount of smoke.

You can visit Peterson Smoker Pucks Web site at Petersonpucks.com to find a list of their dealers and more about this product.


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