NSIA Joins Businesses Asking For ‘Decisive Change’ On Columbia-Snake Salmonid Restoration


The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association (NSIA) joins over 1,000 American businesses that have come together to ask President Obama for decisive change in failed policy to restore endangered wild salmon and steelhead in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

Over 200 sportfishing businesses have joined the letter released today, following U.S. District Judge James Redden’s ruling on August 2, 2011, which found the Administration’s current salmon plan illegal.  Salmon are a mainstay of economies and jobs for the entire west coast and critically important for thousands of Northwest outdoor and sportfishing businesses.

Other letter signers also include commercial fishing businesses; outdoor retailers and equipment makers; food, farm, restaurant and tourism businesses; and clean energy businesses.

“My family owned and operated stores and all the sportfishing businesses we purchase from in the Northwest and along the West Coast are at risk if the government’s 20-year failure to restore endangered Columbia/Snake salmon doesn’t change,” said Dan Grogan, co-owner of Fisherman’s Marine and Outdoor with three stores and headquarters in Oregon. “We need President Obama to comply with the court’s ruling, and to work with Northwest business leaders to correct his salmon policy and save jobs and those dependent on them.”

“It’s not just about fish, this is about all the family-wage jobs and all the industries these fish help support including the sportfishing industry. We need a transparent and science based approach to Columbia/Snake salmon recovery efforts,” said Scott Weedman, co-owner of Three Rivers Marine and Tackle in Woodinville, Washington. “We need a plan that works for both salmon and people in the region. We don’t have that yet, but I am confident we can get there with good leadership.”

The 1,000-plus businesses ask the President to begin collaborative talks among all stakeholders including sportfishermen “to craft a lawful, science-based plan that restores salmon, protects this important food source, puts thousands of people to work, and helps to build a cleaner energy future.”

Their letter is also being delivered to members of Congress.

NSIA was founded in 1993 by a collection of sport fishing industry business leaders who understood the need for a strong voice in the local, state, regional and federal governments. NSIA is not a sports club but an industry lobby group, with lobbyist in both Washington and Oregon, representing the business interests of the many members that depend on the sport of fishing for their livelihoods. NSIA is involved in every major salmon, steelhead, sturgeon and shellfish fisheries issue across the region.  For more information go to nsiafishing.org


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