Bears, Kings, Bass And More

I’m on deadline, again, but with the Blue Angels bombing around Seattle, I thought I’d take a little break and post some reader pics that have arrived at Northwest Sportsman World HQ of late.

The hunter hunted — or at least successfully avoided: For the past few weeks Devin Schildt has been sending me a mess of trail cam shots of his well-populated deer and bear honey hole somewhere in the Greater Monroe, Wash., area.

Last night he was wandering around the clearcut a bit after dinner time looking to fill his bear tag. As he walked past the cam, it fired off an image of him at precisely 6:38:40 p.m.

Looks like Devin’s heading into bigger timber, and what should come rumbling down his trail but his quarry. Barely — forgive the pun — 20 minutes later, a bruin can be seen standing almost exactly where he was, hanging out for 10 minutes or so.



Persistence pays off: She sat in a springer boat five weekends in a row with nary a nudge from a ‘Nookie, but that didn’t dampen Mandie Arai-Greene’s interest in fishing with hubbie Alex Greene. The Camas couple packed up the fish rig and headed for Idaho’s Horsethief Reservoir recently, and there Mandie landed her very first fish.

“She has been putting in an honest effort to try and understand why I enjoy it and spend so much time on the water,” reports Alex.

We think the smile shows they’ll enjoy many more times on the water.


Tapped in: Kevin Bye found some superb tiger muskie fishing at Washington’s Lake Tapps last Friday.

The Puyallup angler reports boating three of the notoriously hard to catch hybrids over four hours of fishing, with son Brett even getting to tussle with the toothy ones.

“Fishing near weedbeds seem to be the ticket,” Bye reported. “I was using a crankbait but I’m guessing that many other lure options will do the trick.”

He also sent along a shot of a muskie that went 43 inches by 19 inches and which he caught at Tapps in late July.


Give and yee shall receive (steelhead): A few weeks back Jason Harris was cool enough to share some of his hot spots on the Nestucca to a wandering hook-and-bullet magazine editor, and the Oregon coastal river repaid him with a nice summer-run.

“This chromey weighed just shy of 8 pounds and 24.5 inches. He hit — rather inhaled — a sand shrimp tail with a small pink Corky. Hooked and lost a second one an hour later,” the McMinnville angler says.


Shades of green at Silver: My buddy Chris Spencer has been sending me updates throughout the spring and summer on his bass fishing adventures — well, at least his adventures anyway.

Bassin’ in Southwest Washington and on the Lower Columbia has been a little tough this year what with cool weather and water.

But the Longview ironworker finally got it dialed in up on Silver Lake. Fishing right after a local club’s derby he got seven bites, including some follows on a big ol’ Sebile swimbait I sent him, before sticking a 3-4 pound largie on a Senko.

“One thing I learned last time I went out is it doesn’t hurt to park the boat and stay put for awhile. If it looks fishy, it probably is fishy. Take your time and try a couple confidence baits in several presentations and you’re going to get bit,” Spencer says.


Shades of bronze on the Ump: While Spencer was slowly working his way through the weeds in Washington, Justin Falk and Sara Crawford were floating the Umpqua, bronzing their bods while casting for bronzebacks. They ended up with a nice stringer.



B10 Schmee-10, A-10’s where it’s at (at least for a moment): Never mind how his “buddy” described his fish-finding skills (it has to do with a certain type of bushy-tailed tree-dwelling rodent and a type of seed), Clay Schurman can now claim to be among the relatively few anglers who caught Chinook during the first half of this season’s Central Puget Sound mark-selective fishery.

He landed this nice one on a flasher and hoochie off Jeff Head in Area 10 last Saturday.

Tim Bush at Outdoor Emporium reports that the best gear this season has been glow-in-the-dark squids and glow Ace Hi Flies.


Zimm’s summer: Then there’s Stacy Zimmerman of East Wenatchee who caught her first-ever salmon, this summer king, near Rocky Reach Dam while fishing with friend (and big buck killer) Garrett Grubbs.

“It was a little hectic at first with just me and her in the boat, trying to get all the gear in, control the boat,” Grubbs reports. “She did great reeling in the salmon and did well when it was time to net it.”


Something didn’t agree with him?: And to bring this full circle back to bears, the trail cam of a friend of mine captured this pint-sized compost-pile raider whose meal of rotten lettuce, stale coffee grounds and lord knows what else Eric stuffs in there appears to have caught up to it rather quickly.


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