Kings Beat The Crap Out Of This Plug

Deep inside almost every angler’s tackle box is a plug or other lure that looks like it’s seen better days.

It’s an old battler, looks like it got in a scrape with a grizzly bear — or two — maybe it’s missing an eye, there’s more bare skin than paint, should probably be on painkillers at any rate.

But it’s there still — and actually, most likely stationed at the front of the box — because it’s just got that wiggle that salmon and steelhead can not resist.

So it goes with this image of a toothworn banana plug sent to us today by Buzz Ramsey.


“Bob wants a new one,” writes Buzz about the Mag Lip, made by his company, Yakima Baits.

According to the email he forwarded from Bob Toman, the well-known Portland-area guide, it accounted for a whopping 43 Nushagak salmon in just two days late last month.

That timeframe corresponds to a spike in fish counts on the sonar and with reports out of another camp on the Alaska river, Jake’s.


Got a similar veteran plug in your tackle box? Send it to me at and I’ll post it here with Kirby Cannon’s deadly lure.

Writes the Portland salmon junkie:

Andy, this Kwikfish has counted for many, many Chinook jacks and 17 adult Chinook and four steelhead and six sockeye — had to pull the tags out to check. Well, it might have something to do with the sardines that I cure.



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