First Signs Of Pink Run ’11 Show Off Coast

Apparently I have nothing better to do with my workday today than to compare odd-year ocean pink salmon catches.

One of the ad salesmen here breezed by my office a short while ago and said something to the effect of, “They’re catching pinks already at Westport!!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah, I know, I said, I blogged about that (OK, fine, posted a WDFW fishing report) yesterday.

He left quickly, my intention from the get-go.

But then I started wondering, Hmmm, that seems kind of early, and if it’s early, oh my god oh my god oh my god! it might mean the mother of all pink salmon runs is returning! topping the 9 million that came back in 2009! and Puget Sound will be renamed Pink Sound! and the sidewalks of Seattle will run pink with humpy blood! and I should invest all my money right now in a certain manufacturer of pink salmon fishing gear! and and and and …

And then I took a deep breath and thought, Man, you’ve got better things to do today than get all hyper about the coming of the pinkos.

But I checked into it anyway.

I don’t really think much can be made of this, but the straight numbers from the first ocean catch checks in early summer 2011 and 2009 are fairly comparable.

This year’s data is for all of one day, last Sunday, June 26, but according to WDFW’s Wendy Beeghley, an estimated 10 pinks were landed at Westport, five at La Push and 23 at Neah Bay.

Two summers ago and over a nine-day period at the beginning of the season (June 27-July 5), Beeghley reported a total of 72, 36 and 67 for those ports.

Multiply Sunday’s one-day catches times nine and you get 90, 45 and … oh, damnit, I’ve got to get my calculator out … crap, can’t find the thing … well, I’ll wing it and say 210 pinks for the first nine days of the ’11 season.

So, according to AW voodoo math — and completely and totally ignoring real-world affects on run timing between years — I’d say, Nine mil — you go down!

(This is probably why yours truly has not yet been invited to help with WDFW and ODFW’s inseason salmonid run updates.)


One Response to “First Signs Of Pink Run ’11 Show Off Coast”

  1. Matt Says:

    You are not alone my friend! I have also been checking the reports. I checked the creel reports from the peninsula region and the number of pinks caught out of Sekiu far exceed the number of pinks checked during the same week in 2009. Check them out, could mean nothing….could mean everything!

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