Lake Washington Sockeye Counts Posted

I don’t know why I do it.

I mean, there is little hope for the run.

Even less for a fishery this year.

Hasn’t been for four summers now, and we’re in a year-class that for some reason doesn’t know how to make babies.

But still, this whole week I haven’t been able to resist the tempation to compulsively click over to WDFW’s site to see if they’ve uploaded the first Lake Washington sockeye counts.

Counting at the Ballard Locks started Sunday, but on Monday morning there was nothing.

Same deal that afternoon.

Ditto thrice on Tuesday.

Nothing during working hours Wednesday.

But today — today, they’ve finally posted something.

And what are the counts looking like so far? Are more coming than expected? Will they make a mockery of the preseason forecast of 34,683? Should I go buy some red hooks!?!?!!?!?!

Tell me, man, tell me!!!!!!

Ahem, all of 886 have trickled through.

There are two ways to look at that.

On the one hand, that’s the fewest for the first three days of counting this millenium.

On the other, now we only need 349,114 more for a fishery!

And on the other, other hand, you can track the return to the Baker River on a new WDFW Web site recently posted. That run is more likely to deliver a season.


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