SW WA, Lower Columbia Fishing Report

Summer has officially arrived: I got my first image of an angler in a T-shirt, in this case holding up a limit of aptly named summer-run steelhead.

The fisherman would be one Kirby Cannon, also known as the PDX Salmon Junkie, and he caught ’em Saturday on the lower Columbia while plunking with K14 and K15 Kwikfish.


He wasn’t the only angler finding fish of late. Biologist Joe Hymer in Vancouver has fired off his weekly roundup for Southwest Washington and the Lower Columbia. Here’s his report:


Cowlitz River – Bank anglers at the barrier dam are catching spring chinook.

Last week Tacoma Power recovered 90 spring chinook adults, 113 jacks, twelve winter-run steelhead, and 37 summer-run steelhead during four days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.

During the past week Tacoma Power employees released 21 spring chinook adults, 99 jacks, and one winter-run steelhead into the upper Cowlitz River at Lake Scanewa.  River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 8,130 cubic feet per second on Monday, June 6. Water visibility is nine feet.

Wind River – Anglers are catching spring chinook from the mouth to the upper river.  About 25 boats counted at the mouth yesterday (Sunday June 5) morning.

Through June 5, a total of 441 spring chinook had returned to Carson National Fish Hatchery.  The escapement goal is 1,500 fish.  Daily counts are posted on the Carson National Fish Hatchery web site at http://www.fws.gov/gorgefish/carson/.

Drano Lake – Boat anglers continue to catch some spring chinook although effort is down to just a half dozen boats yesterday morning.

Klickitat River – Bank anglers in the lower river continue to catch some spring chinook.

At Klickitat Hatchery 31 adults had arrived through June 1.    The escapement goal is 500 fish.  Daily counts are available @ http://www.ykfp.org/klickitat/hatch_AdultReturns2011.htm.

Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – During the first five days of June we sampled 900 salmonid anglers (including 76 boats) with 76 adult and 63 jack spring chinook and 50 steelhead.  54 (71%) of the adult and 50 (79%) of the jacks were kept as were 46 (92%) of the steelhead.  All but 4 (91%) of the adults and all the jacks chinook sampled were upriver origin based on Visual Stock Identification (VSI).

Bonneville Pool – Light effort and catch.

The Dalles Pool – Bank anglers are catching quite a few jacks and some adult spring chinook.


Lower Columbia from the navigation marker 82 line downstream – No sturgeon creel data from the estuary is currently available.  We sampled some legals kept by boat anglers in the Camas and Longview areas.

The Dalles Pool – Boat and bank anglers are catching some legals.


The Dalles Pool – Including fish released, boat anglers averaged 5.5 walleye and 10 bass per rod.  Bank anglers are also catching some bass and walleye.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – Bank anglers just below Bonneville Dam averaged 1.5 shad per rod based on mainly incomplete trips last week.  A few shad were caught by salmonid anglers in the Woodland and Kalama areas.


Plants of rainbows in SW WA streams last week (no report on angling success):

Canyon Creek (Clark County) – 2,000 rainbows averaging 2/3 pound each June 3.

Bird Creek (Klickitat County) – 1,536 catchable size rainbows June 1.

Bowman Creek (Klickitat County) – 1,005 catchable size rainbows May 31.

Outlet Creek (Klickitat County) – 1,001 catchable size rainbows June 1.

Spring Creek (Klickitat County) –  3,009 catchable size rainbows May 31.


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