SAFE For Salmon Bill Still Needs Help

Sportfishing leaders are saying keep the support coming as a work session in Salem last week neither moved the SAFE For Salmon bill to the full House for a vote — nor killed it.

In particular they’re saying that anglers should support HB 3657-3 which, if passed out of the House and Senate and signed, would strengthen sport fishing opportunities on the lower Columbia River during the spring and summer Chinook runs.

That amended version would also ban gillnetting between January 1 and July 31, except for in off-channel areas near Astoria.

Both fleets share the nontribal salmon allocation on the Columbia.

Last Thursday afternoon’s hearing before the Rules Committee drew many supporters, according to Liz Hamilton, executive director of the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association in Portland, who thanked those who showed up during a workday or sent letters.

She says that anglers should continue to talk with Reps. Phil Barnhart, Tim Freeman and committee co-chair Andy Olson about the bill, pointing out that Oregon businesses prosper with more sport days on the water and gillnetters could continue to be able to work Youngs Bay, Tongue Point, Blind Slough and other downriver fisheries supported by hatchery releases there.

The trio can be reached at:

Andy Olson:; 503-986-1415
Phil Barnhart:; 503-986-1411
Tim Freeman: 503-986-1402


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