Rufus Woods Fishing Update

UPDATED 4:31 P.M., JUNE 6, 2011: “I made four casts today and caught a 6-pounder and an 8-pounder,” reports Ernie Buchanan. “The other two got off. We were near the Peneil Ranch (church net pens) just above the Timm Ranch. The water was up but not murky. The fish were jumping and some of those 25-pounders sound like a cannonball hitting the water. So they must have truned loose all the fish. These were all triploids.”

The bad news: Rufus Woods Lake is “up and ugly looking — stuff floating down and lots of color. Looks like you’re fishing downstream from a sewer plant.”

The good news: “The fishing is excellent right now.”

Those were the words from angler Ernie Buchanan of Okanogan and WDFW wildlife officer Jason Day over the weekend.

Apparently there was some sort of “unofficial release/escape” from some of the netpens during late May’s flow spike that also devastated the commercial trout operation.

That may or may not have been the Colville Confederated Tribe’s release of their broodstock redband rainbows, but for the moment it’s leading to some good fishing — a little too good for some folks good, if you get our drift.

“Even with the river as high as it has ever been, the fish are biting,” reported Buchanan on Saturday. “PowerBait, jigs — it didn’t matter today.”

But it did matter as to where anglers have to stand.

“Bank access in difficult,” he says. “We have to fish up on top of the bank because where we usually fish in underwater.”

And it’s only going to get more underwaterer, err, tough, as the Northwest River Forecast Center projects that flows out of Grand Coulee Dam will increase from 270,000 cubic feet per second to around 315,000 cubic feet per second in the coming week.


One Response to “Rufus Woods Fishing Update”

  1. David rainford Says:

    Went fishing at rufus for the first time in mid june [a couple of weeks ago] and it was mind blowing.We stayed 3 days and caught some very nice trips.4 to 7 and half lbs.Caught one wild one [ not sure of spiecies] maybe a lahontan ? weighed about 8 pounds and about took the pole out of the boat when it a plug I was pulling around 3 miles per hour.What a blast. A multi colored thunder stick was the ticket.2 very large trips and that wild one all in about one hour.Caught fish on the can line also.

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