Columbia Above Bonneville Gets More Springer Days

UPDATED: Columbia River salmon managers extended the spring Chinook fishery east of Bonneville through June 15.

The stretch from the dam to the state line upstream of McNary Dam had been slated to close after tomorrow, June 2.

Managers expect that with continued high water and poor fishing conditions fewer than 300 additional springers will be landed. A total of 100 are expected to be caught during the May 28-June 2 season extension in that area, bringing the tally for the year to 2,503.

Officials have also downgraded the upstream-bound portion of the Columbia-Snake run to 204,000. As dam counts ramped up in early May, managers had nudged their forecast up from the preseason prediction of 198,400 to 210,000 and then to anywhere from 217,000 to 237,000 before dropping it last week to 213,400.

Even with fewer fish now forecast and with the middle Columbia sport catch over expectation by 1,000 fish, it’s modeled that the overall nontribal catch will remain under allowances at the new runsize.

A total of 167,146 adult kings as well as an impressive 50,946 jacks have gone through Bonneville for the season. The latter tally is second only to 2009’s return of the so-called precocious males which may indicate a good adult run in 2012 — or at least good survival of this year class down through the hydrosystem and at sea so far.


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