Managers Reopen Bonneville Tailrace To Boat Springer Angling

Salmon managers today decided to allow boat anglers onto the prime waters below Bonneville for the first time in two seasons.

Well, prime if the Columbia wasn’t running at 500,000 cubic feet per second and not forecast to dip below 450,000 cfs for the forseeable future.

They also approved reopening the Columbia from the dam to the state line east of McNary.

Some of Washington’s Snake could be greenlighted again as well.

In a fact sheet sent out this morning, Washington and Oregon officials say that there are 2,700 upriver-bound springers available for sport anglers at the current revised forecast of 213,400.

The waters from Beacon Rock to the dam will open this Friday, May 27, through June 15.

That stretch is currently open for bank fishing only, as it was last year as well.

The river below Beacon Rock is open for both boat and bank fishing.

Managers expect fewer than 1,600 springers to be retained in that area, a “conservative” estimate what with the high flows and waning run.

The river from the Tower Island power lines (about 6 miles below The Dalles Dam) upstream to Oregon/Washington border plus both states’ banks between Bonneville and the Tower Island power lines is a go the next day, May 28, through June 2.

We’re waiting on word about possible Snake River reopeners too.

“If the states adopt both recommendations as proposed, a total of 800 upriver spring Chinook (catch and release mortalities) would be available to allow some of the Snake River sport fisheries to re-open.  Washington will announce those seasons pending today’s decision,” says the fact sheet.


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