Buzz Named Among World’s 20 Best Anglers

I don’t want to seem like I’m bragging or anything — well, OK, I do — but twice in the past year I’ve fished with one of the 20 best anglers on the planet.

He’s from around here, has worked for a couple local tackle companies, you may have seen his name in our magazine, and he’s a pretty cool and down-to-earth dude to fish with. Get on his sled and you’ll probably hear about how he used to do burnoffs in his El Camino on the interstate in Portland years ago and last summer got hit twice (twice!) by the same skunk he trapped in his yard.

And who would this be?

Buzz Ramsey, of course.


He is among those who made Outdoor Life‘s recent list of the 20 best.

Says the East Coast-based magazine:

In steelhead and salmon circles of the Pacific Northwest, bring up Buzz Ramsey’s name and you’ll likely hear the words “icon” and “authority.”

Ramsey’s many accomplishments include catching a 25-pound steelhead and a massive 30-pound steelhead, both of which spent some time as IGFA records.

Ramsey was inducted into the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame as a “Legendary Angler” in 1995; he’s also a hall of famer with the Association of Northwest Steelheaders.

Buzz is the only West Coast fisherman in the slideshow compilation. Heavily weighted towards American anglers, it also includes bass anglers Mike Iaconelli, Kevin VanDam and Rick Clunn and walleye angler Tommy Skarlis. Fly fisherman Lefty Kreh also sits on it.

So how did these guys make it when other worthy sticks didn’t?

Explains Outdoor Life: “In any listing of ‘the Best’ how do you rank one person over another? When it comes to anglers, the world of professional fishing provides a good jumping-off point, with its ample tournament results. We started there, then added other factors to the mix, including longevity, fishing records, and awards and honors that reflect the respect of angling peers. Only currently active anglers were considered.”

Ramsey is indeed well-known in the region, and we’re happy (and grateful and very lucky) to have him writing for us. He currently works for Yakima Bait, has since November 2009, where he promotes existing product lines and assists in the development of new ones. Prior to that he was with Pure Fishing as a regional services manager — his name adorns a popular salmon rod — and before that was a promotional and sales manager at Luhr Jensen for 30 years and worked at GI Joes.

Since 1995, he’s been fishing Hall of Fame member, set a pair of IGFA steelhead records in 1984, and has served as past president and a board member of the Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association.

He’s done some amazing stuff with a rod and reel, and maybe my favorite story is something he alluded to while we fished for Chinook during the 19th Annual Spring Fishing Classic on the Columbia last March:

2:45ish.: Time is running out if we’re going to weigh a springer for the derby, but if anyone can pull a Chinook out of nowhere, it would be Buzz. He tells us a story about catching one on a jig.

In North Dakota.

While ice fishing.

This is like 9th level Buddhism or something. I mean, who else do you know who’s ever caught a Chinook ice fishing?!?!? The man is one with Oncorhynchus.



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