Sun Cuts Through Diamond Ice, Boats Out

This week’s glorious sunshine didn’t just lift the spirits of all Northwesterners, it burned through part of the thick ice cap on Diamond Lake in Oregon’s Cascades, and for the first time this season, boats are able to get onto the famed trout lake.

“At last, the lake is thawing and we have about a quarter of lake with open water,” reports Rick Rongholt at Diamond Lake Resort today, Friday, May 20. “We have several boats on the water this morning.”

No word on their success just yet, but Rongholt says they launched at the north ramp which as recently as May 11 was iced in.

“Open water is near the north end of the lake extending from the ‘Cheese Hole’ to just offshore of Thielsen View Campground,” he says.

Yesterday afternoon he sent the local Coast Guard ice breaker, err, the resort’s charter pontoon boat, out to help open up the lake even more. An aerial image posted on his Web site shows blue water as well.


“Pass the word, ‘The ice is coming off Diamond Lake and fishing season is finely here,” Rongholt says.

The daily limit has been boosted to eight 8-plus-inch trout, but only one over 20 inches. The rule is in effect until late October this year.

The sun’s shining on the lake again today, but the forecast calls for a chance of showers Saturday and Sunday, and maybe even, ugh, snow on Monday.


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