The Hunt-Fish Questions People Google

OK, now I’m just goofing off because our June issue cover discussions have ground to a heated halt. People don’t like my cover choices, I don’t like their cover treatments.

So I thought I’d take a moment to answer some of the search terms that have led people to our blog of late.

To wit:

should i report hood canal shrimp poachers

Hell, yes! And here’s the poaching hotline: 911 if it’s in progress, (877) 933-9847 if it’s not.

whats available for fishing in washington state

Everything in the water except orcas and scuba divers.

were to catch springers

If this is actually a question about the location — i.e., where — to catch spring Chinook, may we point you in the direction of the Cowlitz, Kalama, Lewis, Willamette, Sandy, Wind, Umatilla and lower Snake Rivers and Drano Lake on the Columbia River system; on the Oregon Coast, consider the Nestucca and Trask Rivers and Tillamook Bay, the Rogue from its mouth all the way up to Cole Rivers Hatchery, and Cleveland Rapids, River Forks and Amacher on the mainstem Umpqua as well as the lower North Umpqua.

is salmon fishing open between the dalles and john day damns

No. And they’re dams, not damns — though if you’ve seen that PBS documentary you might disagree.

how many grizzlies are there in the northern cascades?

For all we know there are none. Or maybe two dozen. The population estimate is as high as 20 or 25, but as a biologist pointed out to me last year, it’s also zero.

why brian lull hates blacktail deer

You would to if you had his deer hunting luck and had spent a miserable day and evening lost in an overgrown clearcut last Halloween while party girls back home got drunker and drunker.

what female eggs looks like in a pregnant largemouth bass

What? Do you have like a sonogram on your boat or something?

When do elk calve in western oregon

Mid-May deep into June — at least at Dean Creek near Reedsport.

5 common animals in the central and southern cascades forests

Bigfoot, sidehill jaggers, ODFW biologists, pot growers and the last hairy tree hugger still chaining themself to old growth.

number of wolves in rocky mountatin recovery area

A whole helluva lot, but fewer fairly soon. Earlier this week, IDFG reported to me they’d sold 600 resident tags ($11.50) since offering them late last week. The agency is trying to get a better handle on the overall population before setting any seasons as it was “out of the business for awhile.”

are wolves delisted in western washington?


should we delist species

Well, yes if they’re scientifically recovered.

look behind you cougar


what happened to kaufmann’s streamborne?

See the below question

kaufmanns fly shop bankrupt


bringing marijuana to summer camp

Probably not a good idea.

when is klineline stocked with fish?

Pretty damned regularly … between January and late April.

fishing report ringold springs washington wa

Ringold – From Paul Hoffarth (via Joe Hymer): The Ringold area “Bank Only” sport fishery for spring Chinook opened May 1.  Angler effort remained low during the week with less than 6 anglers per hour fishing for salmon . WDFW staff interviewed 23 anglers fishing for salmon this past week. One hatchery and two wild fish were reported caught.  Based on the effort an estimated 4 hatchery adult chinook were harvested and 6 wild adult chinook were released for the week.  No other fish were reported in the catch.  No chinook have entered the Ringold Hatchery trap to date.

is diamond lake still frozen oregon

As of yesterday, it was 99 percent covered with ice but melting fast, reported Diamond Lake Resort. Lemolo just down the mountain a ways is reputedly en fuego for browns.

when is fishing expo at grays harbor fair grounds

May 21-22.

elk being shot

Right now?!?! Quick, here’s the poaching hotline for Washington: 911 if it’s in progress, (877) 933-9847 if it’s not. In Oregon, it’s (800) 452-7888.

what indian tribe nets drano lake

The Yakamas.

is drano lake federal waters

Ummmm, no. Federal waters begin 166 miles downstream of it, and extend from the 3-miles-offshore mark to 200 miles out. BUT if your question really is more about whether Drano is considered a federally navigable waterway — and thus, do you need a Coast Guard operators license to guide it — the answer would be yes. Don’t have one, do you?

how to fish drano springer fishing

You drag around the below rig:

Or just pull an orange magnum-sized Wart/Wiggler/Fat Fish.

i fish prawn spinners

Good choice too.

how far do returning spring chinook salmon travel in a day

University of Idaho researchers found they travel anywhere from 7.5 to 20.5 miles day, depending on water conditions. The later in the season and the warmer the water, the faster they swim, adding 1 to 3 miles a day every two weeks. If you’re bored out of your gourd, pick a random PIT tag here and follow its progress up the Columbia system.

can a muskie eat a goose

Cut up and chummed, yes; whole, probably not.


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