Springer Dive Bomber Preps For Take-off

Bad news if you’re a Wind River or Drano Lake angler: The spring Chinook bite is expected to go dead tomorrow, May 7.

Never mind the Bonneville Dam count.

Never mind your buddies’ reports or their Facebook posts and pics.

Never mind that the breeze is forecast to be out of the west, and that’s when fish (allegedly) nip baits best.

And never mind the PIT tag data that shows lots of Carson- and Little White Salmon-stock springers in the area.

Walgamott will be in the house.

I’ll be making a modified dive bomb fishing raid down from Seattle to drag baits around for salmon on the Columbia tribs, and I fully expect it to be a bust.

Well, at least personally.

And work with me here, I’m trying not to get my hopes up.

However, I fully recognize that there will be some of you who do not heed my warning, so for you – and to preserve peace on the water — I’m making a concession.

I will leave my unlucky blue coolers and their very bad auras at home … and bring the big boy, the 120-quart one.

It’s been in reserve for awhile, but has been officially activated for duty.

And, yes, it actually may take some extra mojo on the Fish Gods’ part to keep springers off my hook(s).

The report from my boat ride, Yakima Baits’ Rob Phillips, as of 8:45 this a.m. is promising:

I have a couple of buddies at the Wind this a.m. and one has three in the boat already, the other has one.

The report from Andy Schneider, who hit Drano yesterday (AND whose invite I’d had to turn down), is good:

That is actually a picture of 6 fish we got in the main lake before heading to The Toilet Bowl where we got another keeper.  We went 7 keepers for 14 bites; losing 2 fish in the fight.  We were not alone on missed bites and lost fish …  Lots of lost fish yesterday. The fish checker had checked 90 fish at 3 when we pulled out.


So we’ll see.

But I kinda think I jinxed myself by telling one of my writers my Mother’s Day gift to Amy and Mom will be springer for Sunday supper.

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