The Tale Of Four Bassers

My guy over in Spokane tells me it’s snowing there this morning and that a car just went by with 3 inches of snow on its hood.

Yet for one magical day it was anything but late-late winter around the Northwest.

Saturday saw highs into the 70s, and that put more than a couple bass anglers out on the water.

Glen and Cami Bayers of Gamefishin and Team F24 fishing fame and Chris and Jamison Spencer all headed afield with their jigs, worms and spinnerbaits.

The former duo dunked their little jonboat into Long Lake in Kitsap County, Wash., while the latter father-and-son fishermen tramped around the shores of Lake Sacajawea in Longview during morning and afternoon sessions.

The Bayers again videotaped their escapade, including the catch, kiss and release of one very nice largie.


You can see it here on their YouTube channel:

Meanwhile, here are highlights from Chris’ adventure with his young son — a trip that (as usual for Spencer) somehow managed to find him catching more stray dogs and ears than actual fish.

So this morning the thermometer I bought at Safeway told me the temperature of the lake was “low.”

Evidently the digital thermometers you buy these days only register the actual temperature over 90 degrees…

So after taking some photos of wood ducks and watching the thousands of cormorants flock in a tree we moved up the lake to another spot.  Jamison proceeded to get the mother of all bird nests and I spent a good hour unraveling it.  I didn’t have any line with me and as we had lots more water to cover I had to make his reel function again.

There was some cursing on my part and some begging for forgiveness on his part, but it got fixed and we moved on.

Of course my second cast after that fiasco caught me a giant ball of line someone left in the lake.  Although I could see my red eye shad just feet away from me, the inevitable line break — as well as heart break — occurred.

It was tough but I couldn’t bring myself to jumping into 5 feet of water at the time so we moved on again.

Now as we reached the most southeastern end of the lake we discussed the absolute lake of vegetation and the completely dead bottom.  It was dirty water but clear by Silver Lake standards and you could see the bottom was dead.  The majority of the stuff coming up from the deep on my hooks was dead leaves, no green water plants as you’d expect to find.  Right on cue a group of about 50 carp all well over 10 pounds cruised by us…

By the time we got headed in the other direction on a different shore we’d spotted a few little rainbows that enjoyed chasing ye old spinner baits but never managed to get one in their mouths.  Beautiful morning, though, and as we took a little break under a tree, a “wolf” pup came loping up to us.

Evidently it had nowhere else to go, so she followed us the rest of the way back to the Jeep.  No one wanted to claim her and after stopping by the Humane Society and leaving my number in case someone misses her, she sits in the kitchen lounging on the floor as if she hadn’t eaten or slept in days.

So to recap the day:  Absolutely no bites, strikes, or indication of a spinnerbait- or red eye shad-eating bass…Lots of trout and predatory birds on the prowl.  Of course lots of carp cruising around.

I’m not done with the lake just yet, but I’m absolutely positive that one of the spinnerbaits we used, as well as my Rat-L-Traps would have inspired at least one bass to hit it had they been there.  The fact trout were going after them attests to there predatory appeal. I truly find it hard to believe I’m that bad at bassing to not even have a strike.  In fact I’m extremely confidant in my ability to pick up at least dinks doing what we did today.


There are no ****** bass in Lake Sacajawea…After a bite to eat and establishing the “wolf” pup we’ve named Lady was of no threat to my house, Jamison talked me into going back.

We hit the north end and all the water we missed this morning.  There’s actually one more stretch where I caught the two, only two, dinks a couple years ago that I will hit sometime next week.  But it’s safe to say we covered 90 percent of the lake today.

Jamison was desperate to try his soft plastics.  He got an assortment of worms at our open’s raffle a couple weeks ago.  So I set him up with likely worms he could pitch.  I have to say the kid can read water and pitch with a spinning rod.  He worked it hard for four hours.  I changed up my red eye shad to a spinnerbait combo after an hour or so.

At the north end fish fry appeared.  I couldn’t get close enough to get a really good idea (what they were), but they were recent hatched.  It is possible there could have been a bass spawn the last full moon, but that was last Sunday and I don’t believe they were bass because:

A) Timing not quite right.

B) There was no male anywhere to be seen guarding them.

I’m almost positive the fish fry we saw were ******* carp…

I must give my son even more props now.  About halfway around the north end I told him to quit coming up behind me while I was casting.

“I know, DAD!”


Perfect timing — right as he was popping off to me he stepped behind me as I cast and I sunk a mustad triple grip treble right through the top of his ear.

Now it’s a good thing there’s not a lot of feeling in there because that thing went right through it. I cut the barb end off to yank it back through as he sat still on the ground asking me if it went through or not.

After the quick surgery, the blood began to spill and that’s when panic set in…

Once he knew it was out, though, he pulled himself together and started pitching again.

I highly recommend replacing all your factory trebles with triple grips — they not only hold fish better, they’re ****** sharp!

Well, Andy, I’m done with any fantasies of pulling an 8-pound pig out of that lake. We covered the water and it should have produced something.  There are quite a few turtles  though….and carp……


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