Weird News On The Wolf Front

Dagnabit, looks like Dave Workman beat me to the big wolf story this morning.

His Seattle Gun Rights Examiner column today breaks word that Washington Governor Christine Gregoire is noodling a gray wolf hunting derby with tags available through a lottery that will also help ease the state’s massive revenue shortfall.

And with gas prices once again around the $4 mark, Workman also reports that wolves will be stocked in Seattle neighborhoods to boost participation and public support.

That will also “help urban wolf advocates save a fortune in gasoline by not having to drive all the way to the Methow Valley just to hear a wolf howl,” WDFW director Phil Ande …

Hey, wait a minute, back in December Anderson was downplaying translocation in Washington.

And none of my state biologist contacts have been saying anything along these lines.

And Judge Molloy hasn’t made a decision on the proposed settlement on wolves in the Northern Rockies.

Sheesh, take a sick day and all sorts of weirdness bubbles up. Now I’ll have to call everybody all over again. Stand by, Madonna, Gary, Scott, Jeff.

Hmm, looks like I also have to change my calendar page … oh, Dave, duh, that’s right, it’s April Fools.

Good one!

Well, guess this saves me about a half an hour of “work” coming up with my own silly wolf story!


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