Stuff I Can’t Blog At Length About

If I didn’t have a sick wife and overactive toddler at home or all sorts of projects here at the office to do, I’d go very long on this stuff, but, well … you get what you pay for when you read blogs.

All right, I’ll admit it, when I got a press release this morning that Joel Kretz, a rancher who lives up remote Bodie Creek in extreme eastern Okanogan County, and Mitch Friedman of Bellingham’s Conservation Northwest had reached an agreement on cougar hunting, I thought, come on, not another April Fools joke.

But it appears to be true.

The Republican House representative and predator/wildlife/wildland advocate are now on the same side of the fence on SB 5356 which would extend hound hunting of the big cats in select Eastern Washington counties for another five years.

Chasing cougars with dogs is otherwise illegal in the state, outlawed by a statewide vote in 1996 that CNW supported.

Click here for the press release issued by the Washington House Republicans; here’s a link to a CNW blog on this issue; and here’s a blog at the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Meanwhile, PAWS appears to still oppose the hunt extension.

Then there’s Rich Landers’ extremely pointed column yesterday in the SSR about the “inbred and misinformed logic” of Washington Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Gary Douvia of Kettle Falls and a Stevens County hunting groups’ pursuit of a four-point-minimum rule for whitetail deer in areas of Northeast Washington.

We wrote about the proposal last August.

The issue is up for a vote at the April 8-9 Fish & Wildlife Commission meeting in Oly.

Then there’s a story from the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission about how the Makah Tribe is collaring cougars to learn more about their predation on deer and elk.

And since predators are big news in the Northwest these days, here are links to two pieces on the Oregon Wolf Front:

Anti-wolf group taking message to Salem, by the Wallowa County Chieftain.

Gray wolf debate lands in the Oregon Legislature; ranchers want compensation and right to shoot, by The Oregonian.

And finally, let’s talk fishing. There’s a cool video of fishing in Kamchatka that’s catching eyes around the region, and it appears that there are two heretofore unknown species on the loose, the vampire steelhead and the troose, err, mout.


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