Mack’s Hires Ed Fields As Operations Director


Mack’s Lure Company, a national fishing tackle manufacturer with headquarters in Wenatchee, Washington, is proud to announce that Ed Fields has been appointed as Director of Operations for the company.

Mack’s Lure Company has been producing lures, to include the world famous Wedding Ring Spinner, since 1969.

Asked about his new position Fields states, “For a product to withstand the test of time it needs several key components.  The products need to be able to do what they were designed to do and there needs to be a strong company with dedicated employees supporting their products.”

Fields continues by saying, “Mack’s Lure has been producing lures for over 40 years for two reasons: Number 1: THEY CATCH FISH!  Number 2:  The Company stands behind their products.

“That is exactly why I feel blessed to be here.  As Mack’s Lure moves forward with new and inventive products in the years to come the goals established back in 1969 remain the same:  Quality products – plus service –  equals satisfied customers.  That will never change.  You have my word on it.”



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