Big Horn Show Promoter Happy With Event

It was an “outstanding” show, says Wanda Clifford of the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council about last weekend’s Big Horn Show in Spokane, ranking “right up there with our best.”

She says between 28,000 and 29,000 tickets were taken at the gate. Tallies “were up on Thursday and Sunday from previous years.”

“We account for this based on the $5 Dave Smith day on Thursday and the $1 off on Sunday,” says Clifford, the council’s full-time executive director.

That said, INWC’s moose raffle apparently only sold half as many chances at a four-month-long hunt as last year’s inaugural raffle, 1,000.

Ten percent of the proceeds stays with the club for conservation projects, the rest returns to WDFW.

“Better some than nothing at all,” says Clifford.

“As for the Big Horn Show, that’s another story. This show ranked right up there with our best,” she says.

The gate count is one way to judge its success, but Clifford looks to the “positive comments, happy show attendees, and vendors that have already booked their booths for next year.”

It was the 61st edition of the show.


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