First Double-digit Day At Dam

OK, so maybe I’m watching the 2011 spring Chinook run a weeeeeeeeeeee bit too close (work with me here, it’s a distraction from watching the wolf wars too closely), but I couldn’t help but notice that Tuesday saw the year’s first double-digit day at the dam.


Ten springers were counted at Bonneville Dam on March 22.

Man, that seems late in the year, I thought.

Turns out it ain’t, though.

I started working the DART site, and since 1990, at least four other runs had a later first double-digit day.

2006 (April 12, 12 springers)

2005 (April 6, 15 springers)

2007 (March 27, 10 springers)

1996 (March 24, 12 springers)

Most years seemed to see the first 10-plus fish over the dam in the first three weeks of March.

The earliest I found was 2001, when 10 Chinook poked their noses over the dam on February 25.

That whopper run’s first triple-digit day was March 19 (416) and first quadruple-digit day March 30 (1,200).

OK, that’s a wee bit more information than anybody actually needs, but for what it’s worth …



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