Herring Helper, And A Wee Bit More

So, 1,400 posts and 22 months after they handed me the keys to this blog, guess what I just discovered today?

That little symbol next to Upload/Insert that looks kinda like frames from a video means I can post, um, videos.

To borrow a line I overheard one angler tell another at a lake once, I may be slow, but I’m sure not fast.

So what sort of videos am I now going to post links to, you might ask?

Well, fishing ones, of course, most notably a recently posted tutorial from guide Bill Swann on curing up herring for springers with a little salt, a little sugar, a little water, a squirt of Mrs. Stuarts and a bottle o’ blue Pautzke’s Nectar …

… and then, since this is like the best college hoopies call ever, Gus Johnson’s call of Isaiah Thomas’ “cold-blooded” J at the buzzer in OT …

… and then, since this is like the best soccer — err, football — goal ever, I went off in search of Wayne Rooney’s bicycle kick last month against Manchester City…

… and then Thiery Henry’s game-winning goal in the 2006 World Cup quarterfinal against Brazil …

… and then John back here at the Mother Ship plunked a mess of pages for copy editing down on my desk, reminding me, ahem, we work at a fishing and hunting pub and it’s deadline week.


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