How To Make An Editor Cry, Tactic 678

Send him a pic of a big steelhead from a river that he had a story on how to catch big steelhead from for the March issue, but pulled because he wanted to get lots of springer stuff in and, oh, yeah, went like fuh-reakin’ super-long on an antelope story that sucked up, hell, half the magazine.

Just got this message from Chris Shaffer of Pautzke Bait Co.:

“Live from the Cowlitz…Chad Manning catches a 17 pound steelie with Lee Barkie of NW River Fishing on a glob of BorX O Fire cured row. The river is high and off colored, but we’ve managed three on row (and have photos of em) since we started at 8:30.
Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T”

The big meanie also sent this image:




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