More On Latest Reported NCW Wolf Kill

The Methow Valley News has a new article out about the skinned carcass of a wolf found near Rainy Pass in eastern Skagit County.

“We have some pretty good leads and I would welcome others,” said Mike Cenci, deputy chief of enforcement for the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. “I can tell you this wasn’t a rancher versus wolf, this was a poacher versus wolf.”

“There could be a number of motivations for killing a wolf. There are people who don’t care for the fact that these animals are repopulating Washington state. Ranchers and people who grow livestock are concerned about predation. Hunters are concerned about their ability to harvest elk and deer,” Cenci said.

“Indications are neither one of those types of motivations have any relevance to this case. Issues that make the species polarizing may have nothing to do with the poaching. Some people just like to go out and kill stuff.”

And the Wenatchee World follows up on the announcement of enhanced rewards now being offered to turn poachers in. Conservation Northwest is padding the state’s current offer of $500 with up to $7,000 for info on illegal wolf kills to $2,500 for spree killings of deer and elk.

“There’s an incredible amount of vocal hostility around wolves, and people need to realize it’s OK to have concerns about wolves, and talk about concerns. But we’re talking about illegal acts that impact everyone in the state,” CNW’s Mitch Friedman told the World’s KC Mehaffey.

Friedman said he’s not aware of recent poachings in this state of any of the other species for which rewards are offered, but there have been unprecedented poaching of large numbers of big game animals in Western Washington recently.

“This can’t be about wolves alone,” Friedman said of the new rewards. “This is about protecting the state’s wildlife.”


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