New Line Of Steelie Drifter Launched

They say the Northwest fishing-boat market is starting to pick up, and one of the newest owners took his model out for a spin yesterday.

The good news is that it floats, the bad is that it could use a little pumping up.

Err, pumping up?

Yeah, it’s an inner tube that Oregon guide David Johnson plucked out of the brush alongside a North Coast river.

“It was left there by the last Tillamook County flood,” says DJ. “I just thought we’d give it a shot, so I pulled the drifter over and ‘launched’ my new craft.”

Since he was fishing, he pitched a cast and did a little side-, err, tubing.

And how’d that go, David?

“It actually didn’t have enough air and I ended up taking on water down the back of my waders.  Sadly, not enough time to catch anything,” he says.

He posted the escapade to his Facebook page and got 15 comments and seven likes.


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