28+pounder Wins Roche Harbor Derby

The biggest blackmouth ever landed at the Roche Harbor Salmon Classic was more than enough to win last weekend’s derby.

Derek Floyd of Stanwood weighed in a 28.10-pound Chinook — we’re not calling that an immature king, the colloquial phrase for a blackmouth — and took home a cool $10,000 for that.

And with the tournament’s top boat weight of a skosh over 108 pounds, good for another $2K, plus he won the side bet, bringing his weekend haul out of the Juans to $21,000.


“This fish beats the all-time record blackmouth from this tournament by 2 pounds,” says Tony Floor of the Northwest Marine Trade Association.

This is the eighth year of the event; it is also the kickoff of NMTA’s Northwest Salmon Derby Series.

“The winning slab was caught south of Point Lawrence off Orcas Island on the second day of the derby,” reports Kevin Klein of Friday Harbor, Puget Sound Anglers San Juans Chapter and CCA. “Floyd’s total boat weight was an incredible 50 lbs higher than the standing record for most pounds caught. Floyd has fished the Roche for the last five years. This is his first win.”

A total of 100 boats and 337 anglers participated, according to organizers.

Thirty-eight of the 100 boats brought in Chinook, 43 on Friday, 25 on Saturday.

The final standings are:

$10,000     1st Place     Derek Floyd     Stanwood, WA     28.10
$5,000     2nd Place     Richard Sakuma     Bellingham, WA     22.04
$3,000     3rd Place     David Arnold     Bellingham, WA     20.16
$2,000     4th Place     Kirk Hawley     Bellingham, WA     19.15
$1,000     5th Place     Tony Petosa     Bothell, WA     19.0
$2,000     Mystery Fish     Neal Kamrin     Bellevue, WA     9.0

“Richard Sakuma and mystery weight winner Neal Kamrin both caught their fish in the last minutes of the derby to make this an exciting event until the final bell,” reports Klein.

$2,000     Best Boat Total Weight
Derek Floyd, Stanwood, WA
Julie Floyd, Stanwood, WA
Scott Bumstead, Everett, WA
Shannon Bumstead, Everett, WA     108.04 lbs

Jager Boyd     Youngest (only) Angler     9 yrs old     Monroe, WA

Geoff Christensen, Bow, WA     2012 Boat Entry winner, sponsored by Roche Harbor Resort



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