A huge thank you to all you hunters and anglers who stopped by our booth at the Puyallup sportsman’s show — you helped make it our best show yet!

It was great to meet readers who’ve sent us photos as well as see in person some of the folks holding fish and game in those shots, talk story ideas and share yarns or BS, catch up with old friends, chat face to face with guides I’ve only ever spoken with over the phone — and see Ed Iman walking around without the limp that slowed him down last winter.

Felt a little like old home week.

I remember doing Northwest Sportsman‘s first show in January 2009. Stepping into our one-table booth, I was nervous — I am in no way a public person, I prefer being in the background. And there was some anger, because the boys and I had come from the recently defunct Fishing & Hunting News and a lot of you had lost your subscriptions. We had lost our jobs.

That show was a tougher sell and we did a whole lot of explaining, but by January 2010’s shindig, there were fewer concerns about us also going under.

And over the past five days, it was truly astonishing the number of sportsmen who walked up to our booth with wallets open.

Maybe it’s our content, maybe it’s our dagger deal, maybe it’s another sign that Americans are willing to spend again.

Probably it’s a combination of all of them that had folks from as far-flung addresses as Bellingham and Ferndale, Leavenworth and Wilson Creek (!), Castle Rock and Port Angeles signing up.

We really and truly appreciate the support you’re giving us through multi-year subscriptions. It’s an awesome responsibility, but one we’re glad you’ve invested in us.

In February, we hit the Eugene, Portland, Roseburg, Yakima and Medford shows, while in March we’ll be in Boise and Spokane. We hope to see you there.

Thanks again.


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