Monday Morning Reads

I’ve got to get to editing and writing and reporting if we’re gonna pull off a March issue, but here are a handful of articles that deserve a look-see this Monday morning.

Bill Monroe, freelancer for The Oregonian, reports that ODFW has its eyes on 100 bills introduced in Salem this session, including:

SB 169: Establishes a task force to meet before next year and make recommendations about consolidating the state’s natural resource agencies (ODFW, parks, agriculture, state lands, water resources, forestry, etc.). It’s one of a number of bills in both houses aimed in the same direction (that’s often a sure sign of traction). Other bills include SB 521 (abolishes all commissions, boards and departments and establishes a Department of Natural Resources) and HB 2496 (establishes an identical task force).

HB 2125: Allows up to a $50 surcharge for hunters failing to report their big-game hunting and turkey-tag results.

HB 2338: Prohibits the sale and use of felt-soled waders and boots, starting Jan. 1, 2015.

HB 2632: Prohibits the Fish and Wildlife Commission from setting bag and size limits for or enhancing and protecting non-native fish (bass, most panfish, walleye, etc.)

In September 2009, I reported on what the illegal introduction of perch in Phillips Reservoir has done to a once solid trout fishery. The local biologist, Tim Bailey, was trying to figure out how to bring it back, and it looks like he’s come up with a plan. He’s going to stock 10,000 tiger trout this fall, and may put tiger muskies in too, reports the La Grande Observer.

The Roseburg News-Review has a piece on another ODFW bio, Tod Lum, who found his true love “cutting open pigs taking out tissue samples … It was love at first blood.”

And finally, what does a sportsman’s show look like to a non-sportsman? Tri-Cities Herald sports editor Jeff Morrow, who has fished all of twice in his life and never fired anything more powerful than a paintgun, shares his thoughts.


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