More On Pronghorn Capture

A pair of news articles on the Jan. 15 capture of 100 Nevada pronghorns and shipment back to Washington’s Yakama reservation hit the Internet this weekend — as did killer videos of actual capture moments.

While tribal officials remain mum on the whole situation, Rich Landers of the Spokane Spokesman-Review and Scott Sandsberry of the Yakima Herald-Republic pieced together articles after talking with a variety of sources, including Glenn Rasmussen of Safari Club International’s Central Washington Chapter, and to whom we spoke to for our piece last Monday.

Part of Rich’s article and four pics can be found at the paper’s Web site. All of the words have been posted at Hunting Washington, and the Seattle PI picked up the story.

It appears that all of Scott’s piece plus two images from Nevada Department of Wildlife are available online.

For video, check out these two links posted by mrmaddiesdad on YouTube.


The second video captures the amazing fluidity of the pronghorns moving through the sage — like tawny water.


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