How To Tell If Your Desk Is Too Messy

How to tell if your desk is too messy:

You decide it would be easier to do a google search for the forgotten title of a book on poaching you were mailed because it’s simpler than looking for the screed under all the:

notepads (dozens)

map books (three for two states)

reader photos (dozens)

stray sheets of papers (hundreds)

scientific studies (many)

galley proofs of the Feb issue (several dozen)

coffee cups (four, but I swear a fifth is hidden somewhere)

fishing and hunting regs (dozens of copies back thru 2009)

Northwest Sportsman back issues (hundreds)

apples (four shiny red ones)

stray knives (including new fillet blade from Kershaw)

fishing gear (including Big Bro’s Bloodworm from Northland)

pit stick (one stick, 9/10ths used up)

Frangos wrappers

pens (wow sweet, more than I thought I had)





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