WDFW Game Warden Newsletter Out

Need some more game wardenning news to tide you over the weekend?

WDFW recently posted the Enforcement Division’s summer 2010 newsletter.

Among the highlights:

My Pop, The Outstanding Role Model!

Officers Treser and Scherzinger were called out after receiving information from Police Dispatch of a convicted felon spotlighting and shooting deer from a vehicle.

With the assistance of Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office, Twisp Police, and Winthrop Police, the vehicle was stopped and the driver found with a .44 magnum pistol lying beside him. His 17-year-old son was sporting a .45 on his hip.

Our officers also found a bow, two rifles, and a very strong odor of marijuana. Marijuana and methamphetamine were found along with paraphernalia.

No deer found or any evidence of deer poaching located. The driver was high on meth and marijuana. Numerous arrests were made.

So Glad To See You, Thought You Were In Eastern Washington, Let’s Talk About How Those Deer Died, Shall We?

There’s no such thing as the dog days of summer for Officers like Justin Maschhoff. He uses spare time between pro-active summer patrols to work through active investigations. In this case, he was able to interview the main suspect in a serial deer poaching case from last fall and tie it up for good.

The elusive main suspect had been avoiding contact with Officer Maschhoff for the past four months. After the subject told the officer that he was in Eastern Washington (and therefore unavailable), Officer Maschhoff decided to go interview a minor player in the case at his home.

As luck would have it, the main suspect and his three buddies were all standing in the front yard. Upon seeing the patrol truck pull into the drive, the fellow looked like he had just swallowed a centipede. He finally gave a full confession to spotlighting four deer with his accomplice.

In all, six deer were killed last October and November at night with an artificial light.

It’s A Shooting Range, Not A Hunting Range

No less than six witnesses observed a none-too-smart subject shoot and illegally kill a doe that wandered onto a popular shooting range on the Lewis/Thurston county line.

The suspect shot at the deer with an assault rifle. After missing the animal several times he retrieved another rifle with a very large scope on it and after a couple more shots the deer went down. The man walked to the deer and returned to the group saying that the deer was too sick to salvage.

Sergeant Holden took the initial call and contacted witnesses, took statements, and located the dead doe. Then the hunt was on for the suspect and his vehicle as witnesses gave a very good description, including a license plate. Sergeant Holden and Officer Martin found the suspect’s residence and watched it while waiting for the vehicle to show up. When the vehicle did appear the next day, it was hidden behind an outbuilding.

Officers Schroeder and Moats immediately responded. They obtained confessions from the shooter and his partner and seized a very expensive rifle for forfeiture.

And, Finally, A Good Story For A Change

A group of local citizens volunteered to clean up the large amounts of garbage at Blue Stilly Park. A family, new to the Arlington area, had visited the park and was disgusted by its appearance and coordinated this effort. Arlington Hardware and Garden Treasures donated gloves and garbage bags.

Officer Maurstad and Sergeant Lambert stopped by and thanked the group.

Officer Maurstad wrote several access decal violations at Blue Stilly and also seized cases of beer from underage drinkers.

Officer Maurstad met with the folks who live near Blue Stilly Park who obtained a license plate from a young man who drove his vehicle through the Little League field and proceeded to tear up the grass.

If you haven’t already seen ’em, two blogs from earlier this week detail incidents that occurred in Oregon this past October.


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