Everyone Must Have Parking Permits At State Wildlife Areas, Oregon Commission Decides


The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission approved an expanded parking permit program for state wildlife areas starting Jan. 1, 2012.

The program, which requires either a $7 daily parking permit or a $22 annual permit, will be phased in on the following schedule:

Jan. 1, 2012: Ken Denman, E.E. Wilson, Ladd Marsh, Summer Lake
Jan. 1, 2013: Klamath, Fern Ridge, White River, Phillip W. Schneider
Jan. 1, 2014: Elkhorn, Columbia Basin, JewellMeadows

Sauvie Island Wildlife Area near Portland has had a parking permit program since 1990.

A free annual parking permit will be included with the purchase of an annual hunting, Combination, Pioneer and Sports Pac license (adult and juvenile). All other wildlife area users will be required to purchase a permit—operation and maintenance of the areas is primarily funded by hunters through federal excise taxes on sporting arms and ammunition and hunting license fees.

Revenue from the parking permit program will support habitat restoration, provide for infrastructure maintenance and enhance wildlife viewing opportunities.

“The expanded permit program allows wildlife viewers, anglers and other users to support the state’s wildlife areas,” said Nancy Breuner, ODFW Wildlife Area Operations coordinator. “These areas have become increasingly popular as viewing and outdoor recreation sites over the past decade and the increase in visitors has put a strain on our infrastructure and resources.”

ODFW staff updated the Commission on management activities under the Mule Deer Initiative. The initiative is an effort to increase mule deer populations focused in five wildlife management units.

Finally, the Commission approved rules regarding the average market price per pound of each species of food fish commercially-harvested in Oregon. These values are adopted every January and are used to set damages in lawsuits associated with the illegal harvest and sale of fish.


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