Moose Permit To Be Raffled Off

Have a good, strong heart?

Good, you may need it if you’re lucky enough to get drawn in the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council’s raffle to hunt moose in Northeast Washington next fall.

Not just for the pack out either.

Last year’s winner, Harry Williamson of Chattaroy, found himself “surrounded by moose!” before finally taking a 49-inch-wide bull at just 8 to 10 yards after it came right at he and his makeshift cow call.

It was the first moose hunt raffled off by the Spokane organization.

Tickets for a chance to win this year’s hunt, which stretches Sept. 1-Dec. 31 and includes all the state’s open moose units, are now on sale.

They are $10 and are available at the INWC’s office, 6116 N. Market St., Spokane, WA, 99208, or by calling (509) 487-8552

The winner can use any legal weapon and can take any moose.

If you win, you’ll still be eligible to get drawn for WDFW’s once-in-a-lifetime special permits, according to INWC executive director Wanda Clifford.

Five thousand tickets are available. Proceeds go to WDFW and help fund the club’s big game, upland bird, hunter ed and other projects.

Sales will continue up until 3 p.m. March 20 when a winner will be drawn at the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show.

Andy, Jim said you wanted the information on our moose hunt,

Ticket price $10.00 ā€“ 5,000 tickets to be sold

The tag is for any open moose unit in Eastern ā€“ Region 1

One moose of either sex

September 1 ā€“ December 31, 2011

Any legal weapon

Department will provide hunting license (including out of state ) and tag.

This hunt will not take away from future draws for department moose hunts.

Ticket will be drawn at the Big Horn Outdoor Adventure Show March 20 ,2011 , 3:00pm

Tickets can be purchased at the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council office or call:


6116 N. Market St

Spokane, Wa


We have been selling these over the phone and mailing out to

Those out of town.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. ken victory Says:

    that moose hunt sound good also the other hunts two thumbs up and the handicap hunters can only read your good stories. you forgot about us, cant wait for your next storie take care

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