Deer Decoy Follies

Ugh, I made it all the way to the second story in the OSP Fish & Wildlife Division’s October 2010 newsletter before I was simultaneously shocked at a father’s poor judgment and laughing at his stupidity.

To wit:

Sr. Tpr. Kipper, Sr. Tpr. Vanderwerf, and Sr. Tpr. Pearson (The Dalles) conducted a night deer [Wildlife Enforcement Decoy] operation near Dufur. A vehicle drove into the set, and the driver canted his vehicle toward the decoy to illuminate it with his headlights, parked, leaned over his 12-year-old son seated in the passenger seat, and fired a round out the passenger side window from a .300 magnum rifle.

The operator then jumped out of the vehicle, went through a ditch, grabbed the decoy, and then pulled it partway down the hill towards the road before being contacted and stopped. The troopers cited the man for Taking Deer (WED) with Aid of Artificial Light.

The eye rolls began with the third story:

Sr. Tpr. Merritt, Tpr. Stone, and Tpr. Baimbridge (Roseburg) conducted a closed season deer WED operation during the Cascade bull elk season. The first vehicle to observe the WED stopped, and the female passenger fired once using the truck window as a rest.

Upon contact, both the driver and passenger were laughing and explained that they knew it was a decoy, so the passenger shot over its back just to see what the officers would do; however, upon inspection, the brand new decoy had one well-placed bullet hole right through the ribcage.

Troopers cited the female for Unlawful Taking Deer (WED) Closed Season and the male driver for Aiding in a Wildlife Offense and seized the female’s rifle. Both admitted to knowing deer season was closed during the elk hunt.

The disgust with the fourth:

Sr. Tpr. Knapp (Enterprise) was off duty in the Sled Springs Unit when he saw a group of subjects driving the roads with rifles. Concerned there  may be illegal activities occurring in the area, he put together an operation using the 1 x 2 bull elk decoy.

The next morning, Knapp, Sr. Tpr. Coggins (Enterprise), and Sgt. Hawkins (La Grande) performed a WED operation on a well-traveled gravel road in the Sled Springs Unit. At about 7:40 a.m., a pickup drove by the decoy set, and the driver slammed on the brakes. Two occupants were in the vehicle, one adult passenger and one juvenile driver. The passenger put a rifle out the passenger side window and began shooting at the decoy. The driver jumped out, climbed in the back of the pickup, and began shooting at the decoy.

Seven shots where fired at the decoy before troopers could get them stopped. Knapp cited the passenger for Hunting from a Motor Vehicle, Aiding in a Game Violation (Hunting from a Motor Vehicle), and Open Container. The juvenile was warned for Hunting from a Motor Vehicle. They were also given several warnings on other miscellaneous violations.

And amazement at people’s idiocy with the fifth:

Sr. Tpr. Turnbo and Sr. Tpr. Reid (McMinnville) worked a deer WED operation near Timber. Two vehicles entered the set, and the drivers stopped and turned off their headlights. After about four minutes, two subjects got out with flashlights and located the decoy. Both subjects got back in their vehicles and left.

Turnbo then heard something; and, using night vision, he located a subject with a firearm walking toward the decoy. As he neared the decoy, the subject turned on a light and fired one shot with a shotgun at the decoy, causing the decoy to fall.

The subject celebrated his “victory” and walked over to the decoy. He picked up the decoy, threw it down, and took off running.

Reid arrived and announced over the PA for the subject to stop and he was under arrest. The subject ran down the trail that led right to Turnbo who told the subject he was under arrest and to stop. Turnbo saw the subject try to reload, but the subject could not find any rounds. The subject ran into the bushes. The troopers convinced him to come out, and he surrendered.

The troopers cited the subject for Taking Deer with the Aid of Artificial Light and Escape in the Third Degree.

Seriously, you go back and shoot a freakin’ deer decoy?

They don’t just wander around the woods by themselves, you know?

There’s usually a game warden or two or three nearby.


And that was just page 1 of the 14-page PDF.

Haysoos, I could probably spend another hour shaking my head at all the (alleged) ijits!

But in this case, I must actually get some work done today instead of blogging it all up.

(Turns out, I couldn’t look away.)

If you have time to burn, however, I heartily recommend downloading OSP game wardens’ October issue.

The November is expected to be posted fairly soon as well.




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