Merry Christmas, From NWS

To all three or four of you reading this blog today (including you, Mom & Dad), Northwest Sportsman wishes you a very merry Christmas.

We hope your family is well, the food and drink is good, and your stockings were filled with treats from St. Nick.

My wife, Amy, heard my bellowing these past few months about needing a new belt, and did me one better — got me a new belt and three belt buckles.

Trickster that she is, though, one buckle features, shall we say, a canid of an undetermined species.

I’m calling it a coyote, she ‘s claiming it’s a wolf.

I’ll be wearing the belt to deer camp this next fall, but with one of the other buckles — a nice 4-point whitetail — but thank you, dear.

I got her a Walkman and loaded a mess of her favorite music on it.

In the build-up to Christmas, we’ve been reading our oldest boy, River, the book “Sharing Christmas,” and telling him that sharing is what the holiday is all about (we’ll get to the birth of Jesus when he’s a bit older).

So last night, as Kiran, our youngest, was still in the process of unwrapping his first present, River pipes up and says, “Christmas is about sharing, so Kiran has to share.”

For several weeks now, we’ve been using the “Santa is watching” warning with River to try and keep his behavior tolerable — even “calling” the jolly old elf to tell him not to bring a coveted toy engine after all — but that tactic had worn very thin in recent days.

To one last attempt to keep him in line, he responded, “Santa doesn’t impress me.”

However, this morning, he changed his tune. When he opened his stocking and happily discovered “Hiro” the engine and his tender from Thomas/the Island of Sodor, he smiled and said to us, “Call Santa and tell him thank you!”

Indeed, thank you, Santa, for sharing. Your comp sub to Northwest Sportsman starts with the January issue, and should be in your mailbox after the weekend. There’s plenty to do over the next few months — steelheading, trout and perch fishing, crabbing, last-gasp waterfowl action, getting into reloading, laughing your ass off at our Last Cast, and a mess of other cabin fever cures.

Thank you, my fantastic writers, for coming up with another great issue. And thank you, readers, for reading our stuff. We appreciate it.

Merry Christmas, God Jul, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noel and Frohe Weinachten.

The Walgamotts


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