Marysville Wins $10K At Salmon Derby

A Marysville angler won $10,000 at a salmon fishing derby this weekend in the San Juan Islands.

Lance Husby of Team Big Kahuna took home the big check at the Resurrection Derby thanks to his 19.29-pound blackmouth.

Second place and $2500 went to Greg Baylis of Mount Vernon. He caught a 17.90-pounder.

And Dale Nelsen of Bellingham took third and $1500 with his 17.34-pound blackmouth.

The two-day derby was based out of Friday Harbor. According to organizer Kevin Klein, a total of 120 salmon were weighed in, 71 on Friday, 49 on Saturday.

“The derby surpassed all our expectations, and really was an old school, hardcore tournament with most of the best fishermen in the islands going head to head,” said Klein in an email this morning.

Husby also took 20th at the Bayside Marine derby out of Everett in early November, 10th there during a late March derby.


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