The Weird Stuff Hunters Find

I can’t really say I’ve ever found anything weird while out chasing game (a friend thought he found Ted Bundy’s ashes and some sort of ID tag, but that was while hiking), though it’s amazing what others come across.

From X-rated material to crashed planes to odd people to giant birds, the guys and gals on Hunting Washington have come across quite a bit while out for deer and elk.

True, you might take some of it with a grain of salt, but here are the best entries from the latest incarnation of the “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found while in the woods?

There are things that fall from the sky ….

Cle Elum Bowhunter: My “wierdest” find was a plane crash up in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.  Pieces scattered for a few hundred yards down the mountain.  Could find no human remains.  Took down the tail number, contacted the FAA, and got a call back a few days later.  Turned out it was a few guys from Wenatchee, returning from the Seattle area and went down in a storm.  Bodies were recovered in the Spring, this happened in the early 70’s.  Kinda cool to at least get the story behind the wreckage.

Bowhunterty: Back in the 8o’s a friend and myself found an ejection seat to an F-86 in a swamp. Buddy called McChord and got the story behind it.He gave it to them and now it’s suppose to be in a museum over there.

Bigpaw: … an old plane wreck in the blues this year.

Wildmanoutdoors: We actually found a Weather balloon up in the staircase area once. We couldn’t figure out what the heck it was cause it was caught in a tree. Well we got it out and down to the ground after about 3 hours and it had a label and everything of what it was and how to contact the weather service to have them come pick it up.

… And things that fall from backpockets …

dscubame: Bird hunting 15 years or so in college.  Found a wallet with 40 bucks in it off Chicken Ranch road outside of colfax.  No ID, no cards, nothing but 40 bucks.  Bought beer and smokes in town that day.

Then there are things of, ahem, a personal nature that are left behind:

MADMAX:  Pink vibrator left at an elk camp near Tamerack springs

Elkslayer069’s: Today while prepping my elk camp location (clearing some brush ect.) i came across a silicone female “mid-section” and trust me it had all the parts and orfaces. I just thought i would share this with you all and i also wondered if i should post this in the lost and found section?

The1rod: my dad and i found a backpack, in it was three 24oz hurricane high gravitys, ( i believe that was the name). a dirty magazine, a bottle of lube, a small pair of panties, and a towel. then we also found in there a check book, the only checks written from it were to the department of corrections. it was kinda creepy and kinda funny all at once.

wsucowboy: … a big pile of dirty magazines up at the pit on 70 one time, found a full Coor’s light mini kegs when I was floating the green a couple of summers ago … also found a blow up sex doll at lake 12 last summer.

… And then there are persons on unknowable personal journeys:

Seth30: While Hog hunting in clear creek Cali, my old hunting buddy and I were waling up to a good vantage point, and came around a bend in the trail.  There was some guy that looked like charles manson just standing there looking at a tree.  We waited a few minutes and decided to walk past him.  He never stopped looking at the tree, and didnt even budge or look our way.  I still think abou that from time to time.

Bigpaw: A naked hiker, he was wearing nothing but hiking boots and a backpack.

… All of which leads lady hunter Schmalzfan to make the observation, “And they wonder why us women don’t feel safe in the woods alone.”

But perhaps funniest of all in this thread is TJD’s tale of emu wrangling:

Myself and a buddy of mine were elk scouting back in the early 90s stopped to go down a gated road and came across an emu it was one hell of a big bird,well my buddy pulled out his .41 mag and was going to shoot it and i said lets try to catch it we cornnered it on a high bank i grabed its legs he grabed its body and man the fight was on it starts kicking iam holding the legs with all i had while looking at the huge spurs on its legs thinking if i let go we toast the thing is swinging it head around smacking my buddy in the face iam laughing so hard iam crying we finely get to the ground i look at my buddy and he has one hell of a bloody nose were covered in mud we wrapped the thing in a tarp when we get to the truck it looked like a christmas package hog tied and all.We went down to the main road and started to stop at the houses and found the owner.To this day when i think about it i laugh to myself its one memory i will never forget and one of the wierdest things i have found in the woods.

A similar thread came up last November. Can’t wait for the next time it comes around!


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