Pierce Co. Bio Looking For Input On Fall Trout Stocking

Hey, Tacoma and Puyallup — you too, Orting, Carbonado and Graham — want a fall-winter stocker trout fishery like your anglin’ brethren up in the Emerald City and down in Capitolville have?

A state biologist is looking for suggestions on lakes that could provide the kind of autumn action seen on Beaver Lake in central King County and Black Lake in Thurston County.

Both waters have been planted in midfall with 1- to 3-pound rainbows for several years now and are popular with many fishermen. And now Mike Scharpf, the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s local fishery bio, wants to fire up a similar fishery in Pierce County for the next time around the leaves turn golden.

“We currently don’t have a good winter fishery, but I’m looking for public input on a lake or two that may supply one,” he says.

There are plenty of potentials, that’s for sure. Pierce Co. has a whopping 369 lakes within its boundaries, according to my trusty Lakes of Washington book — third most on the Westside.

Scharpf points to year-round Harts Lake, between McKenna and Eatonville, as one possibility.

“Spanaway Lake might be a good one,” adds Randy at Sportco in Fife. “The spring trout only last a few days.”

If you’ve got any ideas on which lakes to stock with catchable rainbows in fall, drop Scharpf an email at mike.scharpf@dfw.wa.gov.

One Response to “Pierce Co. Bio Looking For Input On Fall Trout Stocking”

  1. Uncle Wes Says:

    How about Harts & Tanwax both have decent ramps without a launch fee, not to big to work with 12′ aluminum boats. Although Tanwax is not year round I bet it could be with enough response it also has a resort for those that want to get away and do a little camping and so on. Harts is already a year round lake so no problem there. Would love to see some more fall and winter trout fishing available in Western Washington. Just my two cents worth.

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