Yakima Bait Buys Big Al’s


Yakima Bait Company has purchased Big Al’s Tackle Company of Lakebay, WA. Big Al’s manufactures and markets the unique Fish Flash in-line, “no drag” flasher.

The purchase by Yakima Bait will help in getting production up to speed and allow the rotating flasher to be marketed in the Great Lakes and other areas where attractors are used.

The Big Al Fish Flash is an extremely popular attractor used by salmon and steelhead anglers in Alaska, British Columbia and along the West Coast.  The triangle-shaped attractor actually spins, putting off a fish-attracting flash on every rotation.  And, unlike traditional dodgers or flashers, the Fish Flash is easy pulling, offering very little drag, letting the angler feel the fight of the fish.

“This is a great addition to our line of salmon and steelhead products,” said Yakima Bait president Mark Masterson.  “We are excited to meet the demand of anglers who know how effect the Fish Flash is, and to help bring it to new markets.”

The Fish Flash was invented by Al Hazelquist in 1990, and is available in four sizes and a dozen colors.  Masterson said that Yakima Bait will be working on some possible new Fish Flash colors and UV finishes in the months ahead.

Yakima Bait Co. currently makes Worden’s Rooster Tail spinners, the original FlatFish lure, Spin-N-Glo and Lil’Corky drift bobbers, Mag Lips and a variety of other fresh and saltwater lures.


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