Game Warden Survey Online

How good of a job are game wardens doing in Washington?

Are they focusing on the right things?

Think there are enough of them around the state?

Heck, do you actually ever even see one while afield?!?

Those are some of the questions (paraphrased) an online survey from the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Enforcement Program asks its “customers.”

Posted today, there are 20 questions that the agency thinks will take the state’s hunters, anglers, trappers and other outdoor recreationalists 10 minutes to answer. Some queries allow for up to 250-character written responses.

It follows up on a 2007 survey and gauges the public’s perceptions of the program’s priorities and performance.

“It’s important that we hear from people, especially those who have interacted with our enforcement officers and staff,” said WDFW Enforcement Chief Bruce Bjork in a press release. “The information we receive will help us improve our resource protection and business practices and ensure that we are meeting the needs of the public.”

Washington’s game wardens enforce not just what’s in the fishing and hunting pamphlets, but are considered general law enforcement officers and can respond to non-wildlife related calls.  There are 139 officers across the state.


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