Weekend No. 2 Check Station Numbers

UPDATED 1:42 P.M., OCT. 27, 2010: According to Kevin Robinette, wildlife manager for Region 1 in Spokane, just over 300 hunters brought a total of 42 deer through the Deer Park station on Highway 395 over the second weekend of the rifle deer hunt.

On Saturday, 153 hunters came through with 17 whitetail deer (six of which were bucks) and on Sunday, 153 more hauled 22 whitetails (including nine bucks) and three mule deer (all bucks).

The Deer Park station is only open on the Sunday of opening weekend; that day, 226 hunters brought 15 whitetail and six mule deer through. All of those were bucks, but antlerless whitetail were available for some hunters on the second weekend.

Greg Schirato, Region 6 wildlife manager, says that 1,557 hunters came through the Vail Tree Farm station over the second weekend, 815 on Saturday, 742 on Sunday.

“That’s well above the past few years, and one of the highest points in the last four years,” he says.

They killed 29 spikes, nine 2-points, seven 3-points and three 4-points, Schirato says.

Over opening weekend, 53 deer were checked for 1,536 hunters exiting Weyerhaeuser’s Vail tree plantation.

Meanwhile, over in Winthrop, a total of 77 deer were checked over both weekends, but with 31 counted the first weekend, that means 46 came through over the second weekend. Rich Finger, a WDFW biologist in Ephrata says that that included some older age-class animals, including a 4.5-year-old buck that was 30.5 inches wide.



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