Diamond Shining Late In Trout Season


It’s the last two weeks for trout angling at Diamond Lake and the fish are biting hard. ODFW encourages anglers to get out and enjoy fishing before the lake closes Nov. 1.

“The fishing has been outstanding,” said Laura Jackson, Umpqua District Fish Biologist. “Green and purple PowerBait is working really well. Lots of the Eagle Lake rainbows, which are very nice fish, are being caught.”

The Diamond Lake Marina reports both bank anglers and fly fishermen are very successful right now. Anglers are catching fish in the nine to 22-inch range with the average fish caught at 14 inches. “The fish put on a lot of weight over the summer, so now’s the time to get out there and catch them,” Jackson said.

According to Jackson, ODFW creel surveys show the catch is averaging 3.4 fish per angler. “So far this season, more than 103,000 trout have been harvested. That is nearly double the annual harvest in the years following the 2006 rotenone treatment,” she said.

Diamond Lake Campground and boat ramp are closed for construction, but Thielsen View and Broken Arrow are open until Oct. 31. All other boat ramps are open through Oct. 31.

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