What’s Fishin’ In Oregon (10-13-10)

Postcard from Tillamook received earlier this week at Northwest Sportsman World Headquarters:

“On the Wilson now, one-day window. Yesterday: mud, tomorrow: low and clear,” wrote Andy Schneider, who just happened to attach a couple images of how things were going in that “one-day window.”







Grab your October issue of Northwest Sportsman and go, man, go! Schneider maps and details the nitty gritty on this fishery.

That’s not the only place around Oregon you can find fishing action right now. Chinook fishing’s still going strong in Coos Bay and around the mouth of the Umatilla River.

There are other species to pursue too — walleye off Troutdale, trout in the hunting country of Northeast Oregon and bottomfish out of Brookings.

Here are more highlights from ODFW’s weekly Recreation Report:


  • Chinook anglers continue to do well in Coos Bay.
  • Empire and Saunders lakes have been stocked with trout this month and should offer some food fall fishing.
  • Thanks to cooler fall temperatures and supplemental trout stocking, fishing has been excellent on several lakes in the upper Rogue area.


  • Alsea River: Anglers a having fair to good success for fall chinook from the lower bay up to Five Rivers. Recent rains have moved fish up river but more fish are expected to pulse in through the month. Trolling herring or lures near bottom on an incoming tide or bobber and bait in upper tide water can produce fish. Cutthroat trout angling is fair to good with sea-run cutthroat trout can be found throughout most of the mainstem.
  • Salmon River: Anglers are having fair success at catching chinook in tidewater and up to the hatchery. Fishing the incoming tide should produced the best results. Cutthroat trout fishing is good from the bay through the mid river area.
  • Siletz River: Fall chinook angling is fair with fish found throughout tide water.  Recent rains have moved fish above tide water. The wild adult coho fishery is producing a steady catch throughout the open zone. Steelhead and cutthroat trout fishing is slow to fair in the upper river.
  • Siuslaw River: Anglers are having fair to good success for fall chinook. Mid to upper tidewater is producing the best catch rates around high tide. Trolling herring or artificial lures in lower to mid tidewater and bait and bobber in upper tide water can be effective. Cutthroat trout angling is fair.
  • Tillamook Bay: Angling for chinook is fair to good. Fish are being caught throughout the bay. Trolling herring on the incoming tide in the lower bay is a good bet during soft tide series. Or try trolling spinners in the upper bay on larger tide swings. A few hatchery coho are still being caught, mainly in the upper bay. Many of the wild coho have been quite large this year causing some anglers to confuse them for chinook. Make sure to positively identify your fish as to species. Chinook are being caught trolling herring near the bottom in the terminal area just outside the bay. The ocean, including the terminal area, is closed for coho.
  • Yaquina Bay: Chinook fishing is fair to good from mid to upper tide water. Anglers are getting into fish during the incoming tide trolling herring or artificial baits. Cutthroat trout angling remains good.


  • Coho are moving into the Willamette River and its tributaries in good numbers and recent rains have improved conditions.


  • Trout fishing on the Crooked River has been excellent.
  • On the lower Deschutes River, there are good numbers of summer steelhead from the mouth of the Columbia to the locked gate above Maupin.
  • With the cooler fall weather, trout fishing has been good in several area lakes.


  • Brown trout fishing has been good in both Miller Lake and Lake of the Woods.
  • Fishing for brook trout in the Cascade Mountain lakes has been excellent.
  • Wild redband trout have been biting on the Wood and Williamson rivers.


  • Trout fishing in many area lakes also has improved as with cooler weather.
  • Hunters should pack a fish rod in with the hunting gear and take advantage of good fall trout fishing in Jubilee Lake, Pendland Lake and the Umatilla/Walla Walla forest ponds.
  • Steelhead fishing has been fair on many area rivers and should improve with some rain and increased flows.


  • Walleye fishing is excellent in Troutdale.
  • Catch rates for fall chinook remain high for boat anglers in the gorge.
  • Sturgeon retention is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday during Oct. 1 – Dec. 31 from Wauna Powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam.
  • Bass and walleye anglers should take advantage of the great fall weather and get in a few more fishing trips prior to winter. Bass and walleye are on the bite in the John Day and McNary pools, top water angling for smallmouth can be good all day this time of year!
  • Fall chinook, coho and steelhead numbers are peaking in the Columbia River at the mouth of the Umatilla River. Anglers are casting spinners and plugs for salmon and using bobbers and jigs/bait for steelhead.


  • High winds and big waves kept most ocean anglers off the ocean last week, but ODFW samplers in Brookings reported several limits of bottom fish.
  • Big swell continued this week and kept most tuna fishers in port. Most years the fish continue to hang around until mid to late October, but from now on weather and ocean conditions are the key considerations.

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