How To Give Your Wife An Instant Headache

Well, let’s face it, I know lots of ways to give Amy head pain, but I discovered a super-fast one last night.

A friend of ours called up after dinner and invited us for a housewarming party next Sunday, so I wrote it up on the calender.

While doing that I realized that I’d neglected to write down anything about my deer season plans.

So I penned in “Andy Huntin'” over the weekend of Oct. 16-17.

That’s Washington’s rifle deer opener and the plan is to, again, return to Okanogan County, which was good to me last year. According to the bio (see our October issue), it could see a good hunt next month too.

And while I had 2009’s tag notched just a little over two hours into 2009’s season, let’s face it, a great hunter I am not.

So I wrote down “Andy Huntin'” on the following weekend.

Just for good measure, I added it to October’s last Saturday — Halloween — too.

About 10 or 15 minutes later I heard a screech and footsteps tracking me down.


“You’re going hunting two weekends in a row?!?!” Amy asked, a bit of panic in her voice.

Kiran tried to squirm out of her arms and River babbled about trains this, trains that.

I kinda sorta played dumb, “Hmm, really? That’s interesting. A good idea, though.”

“I’ve suddenly got a shooting headache from here to here,” she said indicating the space between the back of her noggin and her forehead.

Whoops, not good.

The flip side of October.

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