SW WA Fishing Report



Grays River – Bank anglers below the weir caught some wild chinook and coho that had to be released.

Cowlitz River – On the lower Cowlitz, anglers are catching a mix of fall chinook and coho while at the trout and salmon hatcheries primarily sea-run cutthroats and fall chinook, respectively.

Last week, Tacoma Power recovered 2,043 coho adults, 295 jacks, 1,594 fall Chinook adults, 129 jacks, 144 summer-run steelhead, 13 spring Chinook adults, five mini-jacks, 40 sea-run cutthroat trout, one pink salmon, and one sockeye salmon during five days of operation at the Cowlitz Salmon Hatchery separator.
Tacoma Power employees released 661 coho adults, 127 jacks, and 12 spring Chinook adults into Lake Scanewa, 357 coho adults and 64 jacks into the upper Cowlitz River at the Skate Creek Bridge in Packwood, 105 coho adults and 48 jacks into the Cispus River above the mouth of Yellow Jacket Creek and 1,225 fall Chinook adults, 117 jacks, 215 coho adults, 21 jacks, and four cutthroat trout into the Tilton River at Gust Backstrom Park in Morton.

River flows at Mayfield Dam are approximately 5,000 cubic feet per second on Monday, September 27, 2010 and will remain steady. Water visibility is 10 feet.

Kalama River – Anglers are catching some fall chinook, coho, and steelhead although overall effort and catch is light.  All fall chinook must be released through the end of the year.

Lewis River – Anglers are catching some coho though fishing has slowed around the salmon hatchery.  Some wild fall chinook were reported released.

Beginning October 1, all chinook must be released from the mainstem and North Fork Lewis and fishing from any floating device will be prohibited on the North Fork Lewis River from Johnson Creek upstream to Colvin Creek.  In addition, the area from Colvin Creek upstream to Merwin Dam closes to all angling from October through mid December.

Washougal River – A few fall chinook are being caught but overall effort and catch is light.

Klickitat River – Bank anglers on the lower river are doing well on fall chinook.

Buoy 10 – Effort and coho catch is light.

Effective October 1, the salmon and steelhead daily limit increases to 6 fish of which 2 may be adult hatchery coho or hatchery steelhead or one of each.  Salmon minimum size is 12 inches.  Release all salmon other than hatchery coho.

Lower Columbia from the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line upstream to Bonneville Dam – In general, success for fall chinook was the best of the season early last week but has since slowed.

We sampled 166 salmonid bank anglers from Bonneville Dam downstream to the Rocky Point/Tongue Point line with 11 adult and 2 jack fall Chinook  and 3 steelhead, an average of a salmonid kept/released per every 10.4 rods based on mainly incomplete trips. In addition, we sampled 474 salmonid boat anglers (218 boats) with 126 adult and 5 jack fall Chinook, 25 adult coho, and 3 steelhead, an average of a salmonid kept/released per every 3.0 rods based on mainly completed trips.

Just over half the adult coho and steelhead caught were kept.

Pretty good salmonid effort last Saturday with just over 600 boats and 250 bank anglers counted during the flight.  Except for a few dozen boats at the mouth of the Cowlitz, the majority were found from the Lewis upstream.  Most of the Oregon bank anglers were found just below Bonneville Dam while bank anglers on the Washington side were more distributed throughout the lower river.

Bonneville Pool – Boat anglers are catching fall chinook and some coho.  About 65 boats off the mouth of the Klickitat last Saturday morning.

Hanford Reach- During the past week WDFW staff interviewed  430 boats/1,061 anglers with 289 adults and 41 jacks.  The catch slowed down this week in the Ringold and White Bluffs area while the Vernita area stayed steady.

Steelhead effort and catch remains slow with 11 hatchery steelhead kept and 19 wild fish released.


Lower Columbia from the Wauna powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam – We didn’t sample any sturgeon anglers last week during the current catch-and-release fishery.     However, there were a few more sturgeon anglers out prospecting for the upcoming catch-and-keep fishery.

From the Wauna powerlines upstream to Bonneville Dam, white sturgeon may be retained Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays only beginning October 1.    Daily limit 1 fish.  Minimum fork length 38 inches and maximum fork length 54 inches.


Lower Columbia below Bonneville Dam – There were almost a dozen walleye boats in the Camas/Washougal area last Saturday September 25.   Boat anglers sampled there averaged a walleye per boat though all the fish were released (small).


Mineral Lake – No report on angling success.  September 30 is the last day to fish for the year.


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